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So you are thinking about becoming a Beachbody coach and want to know about the different levels of Beachbody Coach Rankings? Maybe you are already a coach and want to figure all different rankings out.  Either way you have come to the right place, and it is my hope that I can break this down in a much easier to read format. Once you start advancing in rank, or spend some time doing your research you’ll see it really isn’t that complicated.

Beachbody Coach Rankings – Different Coach Rank Levels Explained


Personally Sponsored Coach – Is someone that you have personally placed into your organization or team. This person must purchase 50 PV worth of product to be considered active. I also recommend each coach purchase their own Shakeology since this covers your requirement and can be a business write-off (for most people and I am not a tax guy so consult yours before you take my word for it). When you get started as a Beachbody coach there are four different levels of coach rankings that you should know (Within Diamond it climbs to Super Star Diamond). The four basic levels are Coach, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond.  The only way to advance each level is to PERSONALLY SPONSOR a new coach into your team/business.

You might get confused with the whole PV (Personal Volume) concept but for roughly every dollar you spend it is assigned a PV point. This isn’t always the case and is done a product by product basis.

Lets dive into the different coach levels and see how you get to each one.

Beachbody Coach Rankings – BECOMING A COACH

To hit the level of coach status all you simply need to do is sign-up! You pay your $39.95 starter kit and get on your Shakeology Home Direct order to cover your health and PV requirements. Bam, you are able to start earning an income right away. You will earn 25% of all products you sell through your website. You also get 25% off any of the Beachbody products.

Beachbody Coach Rankings – BECOMING AN EMERALD COACH

To become an Emerald Coach you will need to PERSONALLY SPONSOR two Beachbody Coaches into your team/business. They must both become active with 50 PV (Again Shakeology HD covers this requirement) and they must be placed in opposite legs. WHAT?! I’ll show you graph below. Beachbody is a binary system so we all have two legs that we build up.


  • Take on more earning potential (TEAM BONUSES/CYCLE  – $14 per cycle bonus)
  • Participate in the Customer Lead Program (Every day Beachbody connects hundreds of thousands of their customers to Emerald and above coaches). You can capitalize on this by creating relationships and having them purchase from your site.

Beachbody Coach Rankings – BECOMING A RUBY COACH

Ruby coach is often over looked because many people skip right over and head for Diamond. To become a Ruby Coach you will need to PERSONALLY SPONSOR 4 Beachbody Coaches. All of these coaches will need to be active with 50 PV.

Here is the difference – Two of your coaches will need to achieve the rank of Emerald themselves. Which means they each have two personally sponsored coaches. Note the picture below. Each Emerald coach needs to be on the opposite leg.


  • Take on more earning potential (TEAM BONUSES/CYLCE – $16 per cycle bouns)
  • Participate in the Customer Lead Program
  • Matching Check Bonus (YOU EARN A % OF YOUR EMERALDS CYCLES)

Beachbody Coach Rankings – Becoming A DIAMOND COACH

Diamond coach is what every Beachbody coach strives to hit. The earning potential goes up and you’re really showing you are taking this business seriously.  To hit Diamond coach you need to have 8 total personally sponsored coaches. Two of which need to be Emerald coach rank or above and this will earn you Diamond.  All these coaches must be active with 50 PV or higher.


  • Take on more earning potential (TEAM BONUSES/CYCLE – $18 per cycle bonus)
  • Customer Lead Program
  • Coach Lead Program (You're assigned coaches!)
  • Matching Check Bonus
  • You are able to cycle more and earn more!

As you can see becoming a Diamond coach allows you the opportunity to earn a higher income, connect with more customers, and build a strong business. I hope that this post helps you answer a few questions about what the different Beachbody Coach Rankings are. If you have more questions feel free to comment below.

If you are interested in becoming a Beachbody coach you can follow the link below, or you can e-mail me at t.robbins.fitness@gmail.com if you have any further comments/questions/concerns.