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B.Sc. Biochemistry, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT/CF-L3), USA Weightlifting Level 1

Motivation and Workout Tips

We all have excuses or reasons why we skip out workouts at any time of the year. Sure, life can get in the way from time to time, but the more you let your "excuses" get in the way of staying fit, the more these random days off begin to snowball into multiple days/weeks/months at a time of sitting on your butt doing nothing!

I, myself, have days that I am just not feeling "up" to working out. I have listed a number of tips and ideas as well as motivational strategies you can use to continually getting a workout in!

Mornings - Those of you that either know me personally, or follow me online enough know that I do all of my workouts in the morning. I know that if I wake up and do my workout first thing in the morning before I do anything else, no matter what happens that day, my workout is complete and I don't have to worry about any other obstacles or schedule changes causing me to miss it. The other main reason for this is that after my workout is complete, I feel so much better throughout the day. My blood has already been pumping, my lungs have been worked up a bit, it is a great way to kick-start my day! Maybe you aren't a morning person, and that is fine, but make a consistent time everyday as your hour or so to complete your workout no matter what!

Sign Up for an Event - Whether it be a 5km running race, a half-marathon, a Warrior Dash, etc. Sign up and register for an event well in advance. Most events like this cost money for you to register, so it acts as an incentive to get your butt in gear and train so that you are not wasting your money.

Body Fat - Keep this simple principle in mind; your body is constantly storing fat. Well, your body is also constantly burning fat for bodily processes as well. Think of it as a constant two-way street. The only thing is, one street is usually going faster than the other. By exercising and having a well-rounded exercise program, your body will be burning fat faster than your body is storing fat, which will give you a more toned look. Not only that, but the faster you get that metabolism firing, the more little "cheat" snacks and meals you have here and there will have less and less importance on your shape and physique in the long run.

Music - Whether you burn a CD or use an Ipod, get a good collection of motivating music and have it handy. Some days you may need that extra boost to get you moving. Crank the tunes and get to it! The music helps elevate your heart rate and get your body motivated and moving.

Take Your Stats Every Few Weeks - Height, weight, body fat percentage, inches, etc. Keep a journal of your body stats and come back to them time and time again. If your numbers are going up, then you need to work harder. If your numbers are going down, use that as motivation on a job well done to keep pushing!

Be as Consistent as Possible - I usually make my workout schedule at least a few weeks in advance and then get to it. You can do the same! Commit yourself to your schedule and reward yourself if you complete it. However, if you happen to miss a day or two here and there, don't beat yourself up, just understand why you skipped or missed a day, overcome it if it was a bad excuse and move on! If you are consistent over a long period of time exercising 5-6 days a week, then missing a day or two here and there will make little to no difference at all!

SOMETHING is ALWAYS better than NOTHING - Somewhat related to the previous point, you may have those days where you feel like skipping your workout but decide to get it done anyways. These days tend to also be the time that you are not going to have your best performance. Accept the fact that you are not going to be able to give 110% every single day and get to it anyways. You may end up surprising yourself and have one of your best workouts ever. On the other hand, things may pan out exactly how you thought they would and you feel weak and uninterested, fine! But just remember, you did something which is always better than nothing!

Motivational Quotes - I use them all the time. I even have a bunch of my favorites printed off and stuck to the wall in my workout room at home. Do the same and post them wherever you feel necessary in your home. Stick quotes to places that you see every day such as your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your front door, etc. Some place where you will see them and cause a motivational effect in your brain to make you want to get moving. Here is one to get you started: "The joy of discipline or the pain of regret, which one will it be today?"

-Tyler Robbins