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My Birthday Challenge - The Details

Believe me or not, I was honestly planning on posting my Birthday Challenge details today, and now it just so happens that Steve Edwards (the guy whose blog inspired MY Birthday Challenge) also posted some Birthday Challenge details today. Keep in mind, Steve is more of an outdoorsy-type than me, but both challenges are based on the same principles; to physically push yourself and challenge yourself to make this birthday more memorable than the last! Or, as Steve writes in his blog today, "It's not a birthday pretty hard, it's a birthday challenge!"

Here is my layout and plan for my birthday challenge this year. I have committed myself to hitting my goals in all of these categories, even if it takes me all day to complete! A couple of things to note; first of all, I turn 27 years old on Friday November 25th 2011. Since work will get my way of reaching my goals, I have decided to do the birthday challenge on Saturday November 26th instead. Secondly, some of you out there may find some of these goals "easy", but that is all dependent on your current fitness level. For me, I tried to plan goals that are attainable, but challenging to me, while trying to maintain some sort of relation to this being my 27th birthday as I can. Yes, some of these goals will be easier than others, but overall, this should definitely fall into one of my most memorable birthdays yet!

Here are my goals based on taking ideas from many other birthday challenges I have read from others, keep in mind I am turning 27 years old (that is the binding pattern here):

270 Pushups - This one may be a bit easy for me as I am fairly good at cranking out pushups, but will still challenge me enough and make some of the other goals tough!

270 Pullups/Chinups - This will most definitely be my most difficult category. I will alternate between pullup sets and chinup sets, but all will include pulling up my own body weight to get my chin over that bar.

270 Jump Squats - Pretty self-explanatory here. I feel I have pretty resilient/strong legs so this one shouldn't be too bad, although combined with the next goal and things may get interesting towards the end.

270 Plyo Lunges - Again, I feel I have strong, resilient legs, but these combined with the jumping squats are going to have me walking funny the next day probably!

729 Crunches - 27*27=729 that is where I got this number. 270 crunches didn't seem like enough to me so I expanded my goal. Here I will alternate between a few different types of crunches that target the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques, but either way I will hit 729 total crunches.

2700 Jump Ropes - This one may get interesting towards the end and will definitely cause me to feel it in my calves the next day!

2700 lbs. Lifted - I will lift 2700 lbs. total in a few different ways such as shoulder presses, bicep curls and triceps kickbacks. An example of this would be 60lb shoulder press (30lb each hand) for 10 reps equals 600 pounds. I will be able to reach 2700 pretty quick and easy, but it will still effect other things such as pushups and pullups!

2.7L Beer - Assuming I am still awake later in the day, I will consume 2.7L of beer in honor of many other birthday challenges I have read about. This actually is quite a feat for me as I am not much of a drinker, so knocking back just under 8 cans of beer after a day full of exercise will certainly knock me out!

So there you have it. The way I have structured my day to meet all of my goals is by breaking down all of these goals into smaller sets to allow my body to recover a bit between sets. For example, my very first circuit I will do 30 pushups, 15 pullups, 70lb shoulder press x 10 reps (700lbs), 40 standard crunches, 15 chinups, 30 jump squats, 30 plyo lunges, 200 jump ropes. I will continue in this pattern somewhat, but as I go, I will hit my goals for certain categories first so that by the end I will pretty much be alternating between pullups/chinups, jump ropes and crunches. (I hope that makes sense)

For training, I will be spending 5-6 days a week training for what I will be doing. What I mean by this is that I will be doing pushups, pullups, core work, weight lifting, plyometrics, etc. I will record all of my birthday challenge and edit it down to a more concise video at that time for all of you to either use as motivation, or to just call me crazy! Stay tuned...

***EDIT*** You can view my Birthday Challenge video here

-Tyler Robbins