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B.Sc. Biochemistry, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT/CF-L3), USA Weightlifting Level 1

Mass Phase P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Modifications

I had some great feedback on the modifications I made to UBX, so I have decided to post my modifications I have made to Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (from P90X) as well. The set list is below with detailed descriptions below that. Keep in mind that I am aiming for 8-10 repetitions for most exercises in this routine, however some exercises are meant to be higher reps due to their nature, which I have detailed below.

1. Slow-Mo 3-in-1 Pushups
2. In & Out Shoulder Flies
3. Triceps Kickbacks
4. Plange Pushups
5. Pike Presses
6. Stability Ball Triceps Extensions
7. Floor Flies
8. Callahan Press
9. Overhead Triceps Extensions
10. Two-Twitch Speed Pushups
11. Y-Presses
12. 1-Arm Triceps Kickbacks
13. Chest Flies
14. Pour Flies
15. Skull Crushers
16. Decline Dumbbell Chest Press
17. Weighted Circles
18. Throw the Bomb
19. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press
20. Slow-Mo Throws
21. Front to Back Triceps Extensions
22. Flat Dumbbell Chest Press
23. Fly, Row, Press
24. Dumbbell Cross Body Blows

Slow-Mo 3-in-1 Pushups - Wearing a weighted vest to intensify, these pushups are performed the same way they are in the DVD. 4 reps each of 3 different types of pushups - wide, standard, and military. Each repetition is very slow, however, with a 4-count during eccentric and 4-count during concentric actions.

In & Out Shoulder Flies - Straight arm shoulder raises here, alternating between front raises and lateral raises, 8 repetitions each. Slight modification here is that I perform each repetition with "thumb's up" hand position rather than palms facing floor to alleviate some shoulder impingement.

Triceps Kickbacks - One foot in front of the other, flat back, bent over. Upper arms are parallel to the ground, hing at the elbow only, keeping the elbows up, 'kicking' resistance back.

Plange Pushups - Same pushups as in the DVD, but with a weighted vest to intensify. Hands are placed further back than standard pushups (about level with nipples) with fingers splaying outwards. At the top of each pushup, the upper back is rounded up.

Pike Presses - Same as DVD, the height the feet are placed determines the intensity of this exercise.

Stability Ball Triceps Extensions - Skull crushers while on a stability ball. Arms start straight up above your body, bend at the elbows to drop weights on either side of your face and above your ears, then extend arms back to starting position.

Floor Flies - Side-to-side pushups, alternating 2 per side for me, weighted vest for added intensity.

Callahan Press - I find the "Scarecrow" move that is used in the DVD can place a lot of strain on the shoulders, especially when attempting to move heavier weights. Instead, I use the Callahan press from UBX

Overhead Triceps Extensions - Weight(s) start above your head with straight arms, upper arms do not move, simply hinge at the elbows and allow the weights to travel behind your head and then extend back upwards.

Two-Twitch Speed Pushups - 4 fast pushups followed by 3 slow pushups and repeat. No added weight here, I just do military-style pushups to work my triceps and shoulders a bit more.

Y-Presses - Overhead shoulder presses while standing, although rather than pressing the weights straight up, they extend outwards like you are doing a "Y" shape (like dancing to the song YMCA).

1-Arm Triceps Kickbacks - The same exact motion as the 2-arm triceps kickbacks, except just working one arm at a time. The other arm/knee are supported on a bench.

Chest Flies - Laying down on a bench, arms start straight up in front of chest, palms facing each other, weights travel out to the sides of your chest while maintaining straight arms. Warning here, this may place extra stress on your elbows and shoulders, so make sure you keep a slight bend to your elbows at all times and start off with a very light weight until you are comfortable with the exercise!

Pour Flies - Same as DVD, lateral, straight arm shoulder flies with an isometric-style "pour" at the top of each rep. One slight modification here is that when I perform the lateral raise, I make sure my thumbs are pointing up and my palms are forward.

Skull Crushers - Laying down on the bench this time, same as the stability ball triceps extensions from before.

Decline Dumbbell Chest Press - Dumbbell chest press with torso at a declined angle on the bench. Just performed 1 set first time through this routine, may make this a "strip set" for weeks 2-4.

Weighted Circles - Same as DVD, arms are held out laterally from the body, I use thumb's up here as well, perform 40 repetitions (10 forwards, 10 backwards, repeat). VERY light resistance here.

Throw the Bomb - 1-arm, overhead triceps extension, while standing. Same as DVD. I find this can place a lot of strain on the shoulder, so I keep this exercise to 10+ repetitions.

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press - Dumbbell chest press with torso at an inclined angle on the bench. Just performed 1 set first time through this routine, may make this a "strip set" for weeks 2-4.

Slow-Mo Throws - Same as DVD, hard to explain the exact movements, just buy the workout! Also very light weights here!

Front to Back Triceps Extensions - 1-arm, overhead triceps extensions, although the weight alternates between dropping in front of, or behind the head.

Flat Dumbbell Chest Press - Flat dumbbell chest press on the bench. Just performed 1 set first time through this routine, may make this a "strip set" for weeks 2-4.

Fly, Row, Press - Combination exercise (same as DVD), perform a bent-arm shoulder fly, then an upright row, transitioning into an overhead shoulder press. Lower the weights through a bicep curl.

Dumbbell Cross Body Blows - Same exercise as in the DVD here. I use the bench to allow greater range in motion - my elbows can dip further on either side of my body.