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Day 3 - Success

I see success stories every single day. Time and time again, you see a new video, blog, or story online or in the news showcasing the tremendous body transformation an individual has completed. Shows on television such as "Biggest Loser" or "Extreme Makeover" and the hordes of others like it display these success stories all the time.

I think it is a remarkable story every time I see someone who has lost a lot of weight and get fit and healthy. Now as you read the rest of this blog, do not get the impression that I am trying to underplay these scenarios, because I am not. As I said, any time someone makes that big of a lifestyle change to improve themselves for the better is good in my books, but they are not the only success stories out there.

I think these types of success stories are so popular due to their immediate shock value. You are usually shown an image of an individual prior to their change, and then the remarkable transformation they have completed with a shot of them after they have lost all of their weight. These are very powerful images that display success in a very real, shocking way.

This is probably the way things should continue as well, especially considering the overwhelming statistics on obesity, some people need that 'shock' value they see in the media, to know that they too can go from one extreme to the other (albeit with months/years of intense dedication mind you).

On the other hand, there are those individuals (like myself) who may be trudging along winning the little battles, but staying focused and determined regardless of whether or not they see large body transformations. I would like to applaud you! These are the individuals who have stayed active their entire lives, eating a well-balanced diet and maintained their weight. Or, there are others who are just naturally thin, and although they may not have led the 'healthiest' of lifestyles up until now (see "skinny-fat"), but have now turned the corner to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Let me elaborate. Just because you don't drop '100 pounds in 6 months' from diet and exercise does not mean that you should not be proud of yourself or of your accomplishment(s). Sure, you may notice smaller changes, such as the way you feel, or the lowering of your resting heart rate, but these aren't benefits that are showcased and broadcasted to the world. Because of this, our family, friends and co-workers may not realize just how "successful" you are in your journey to be a happier, healthier person.

On the other hand, let me remind you that there is only one person (maybe others such as your spouse, kids, etc.) that your success should mean the most to - and that is YOU. Regardless if you need to drop 100 pounds, or if you just wish to train for a triathlon, remember that you are a success if you create a plan for yourself and stick with it! Create goals for yourself and don't give up until you reach that point!

Sure, all we ever see in the media is the 100-pound weight-loss success stories, and that is great! If you don't have that much weight to lose, don't think of yourself as any less successful though!

Quote of the day:
"A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities, and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties."
~Harry Truman

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