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Day 23 - Warrior Training Progress: End of Phase 1

Today marks the final 'work' day of my Warrior Training Phase 1. I still have a hockey game tonight, and an 'off' day tomorrow, but I figured I would give my readers a quick update on my progress so far as Phase 1 is essentially 'in the bag'.

Weight-wise, I am down a few pounds since completing my Mass Phase, but this was expected since I have included far more cardio in my training. Even though I am down a few pounds, I feel as though I have maintained my lean tissue mass (muscle) quite well while just cutting down on body fat.

I know many individuals exercise and change their diets to 'look good', but those are not my sole reasons for training, especially in my current program. My goals include increasing my overall fitness level, while maintaining my strength that I gained during my mass program.

So far, so good, in my opinion. I have noticed a pretty big shift, already, in my stamina and performance through my Phase 1 workouts.

One other thing. I have also made it a goal of mine to try and be as supplement-free during all of my Warrior Training. Sure, I still take a multivitamin, vitamin D vitamin, as well as a fish oil capsule daily, but I have cut out creatine and whey protein to try and meet my nutritional requirements with a wholesome diet as much as possible. I have been eating a LOT of fruits and vegetables throughout Phase 1 and have felt great, so I plan on continuing in the same fashion throughout.

I do plan on adding some creatine back into my diet in Phase 2, since that is my strength phase and my goals are to gain as much strength as possible during those 4 weeks.

Now that I head into my recovery/transition week, my goals are to do as much stretching and foam rolling as possible, while also allowing my body to recover from the stresses placed on it during Phase 1. My hockey schedule actually works out nicely, as next Monday (still in recovery week) is Victoria Day (holiday here in Canada) so I don't have hockey that day. Good chance to let the body recover a bit more.

Stay tuned for more updates after my upcoming phases.

Quote of the day:
"Above all challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish."
-Cecile Springer