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Day 38 - Warrior Training Revised...Again!

Anybody who stays up-to-date and current with health and fitness related news knows that the landscape of what is considered 'right' or 'best' is always changing. Case in point, my own personal training adventures this year.

I originally posted my schedule for my Warrior Training, back in March, detailing my training for Warrior Dash this year (my 2nd Warrior Dash).

Fast-forward a month or so, and I made some revisions to the above schedule to include training for Tough Mudder, an event I will be competing in 4 weeks after Warrior Dash. My revised Warrior Training schedule works just fine, although I have mulled over a few details with it for weeks now ever since I posted the schedule.

Combine my own dose of obsessive compulsiveness with the fact that I just finished reading an interesting book recently, and you get my revised, revised schedule.

The book I am referring to is called "Speed Trap", written by Charlie Francis. I will cover this book in more detail in a future blog, but to summarize very quickly here; the author of the book was Ben Johnson's trainer throughout the 80's leading up to an historic victory over Carl Lewis in the 100m final at the '88 Seoul Olympics - a gold medal that would later be stripped away.

Anyways, despite the information surrounding this historic event, there is also a lot of information shared by the author on training for sport (in this case sprinting), and the importance of recovery.

Charlie discusses the need for recovery, and how most individuals, when training for performance, tend to think that 'more is better' and that working hard will yield good results, therefore working harder will yield great results.

I can appreciate the line that must be approached, yet not crossed, when it comes to performance training, and although I am not training for a 100m sprint final, I understand the need for proper recovery during sport-specific training.

The goal here is to use the post activation potentiation workouts, combined with some run training to maximize my performance gains right before Warrior Dash, and then 'maintain' those gains leading into Tough Mudder. I have also added in a few more runs (some easy, some more challenging) to increase my aerobic capacity due to the length of the Tough Mudder race.

My goal is to train hard on the days that I have workouts scheduled, maximize my potential in every single workout, and then allow my body to recover on my recovery days.

The schedule:

Phase 3
3 weeks
Wednesday June 27th - Tuesday July 17th 2012

Day 1 - X2 P.A.P. Lower
Day 2 - AM: X2 P.A.P. Upper; PM: 5.5km Run
Day 3 - Yoga/Relief/Recovery
Day 4 - X2 P.A.P. Lower
Day 5 - Run Training
Day 6 - AM: X2 P.A.P. Upper; PM: Hockey
Day 7 - Off/Recovery

July 21 - Warrior Dash
22 - Off/Recovery
23 - AM: X2 Chest, Back & Balance and X2 Ab Ripper; PM: Hockey
24 - Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit
25 - Shoulders & Arms MC2 and X2 Ab Ripper
26 - AM: Yoga/Relief; PM: 5.5km Run
27 - X2 Base & Back and X2 Ab Ripper
28 - 10km Run
29 - Yoga/Relief/Recovery
30 - AM: Asylum Speed & Agility; PM: 5.5km Run
31 - Asylum Strength

August 1 - Asylum Game Day and Overtime
2 - Yoga/Relief/Recovery
3 - Asylum Strength
4 - 15km Run
5 - Yoga/Relief
6 - Asylum Vertical Plyo and Overtime
7 - Asylum Back to Core
8 - AM: Asylum Strength; PM: 5.5km Run
9 - Asylum Speed & Agility
10 - Asylum Game Day and Overtime
11 - 5.5km Run
12 - Yoga/Relief/Recovery
13 - Asylum Vertical Plyo and Overtime
14 - Asylum Final Fit Test
15 - Yoga/Relief/Recovery
16 - Light Run
17 - Yoga/Relief/Recovery
18 - Yoga/Relief/Recovery

August 19 - Tough Mudder!

Quote of the day:
"The best motivation always comes from within."
-Michael Johnson