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Day 60 - Diet vs. Exercise Part 5: Improve Mood

Similar to the "Energy" category from before, there is nothing like exercise to boost your mood with that flood of hormones that are released from exercise.

Think of it this way, exercise is so good for you that your brain wants to thank your muscles for doing such a good job, so they release these hormones and make you feel great!

Also, more and more studies have shown that exercise is a great tool to curb the symptoms of depression.

Some people may feel that food is the way to improve their mood, as everyone has those "feel good" foods or drinks that they turn to in times of stress or depressed feelings. However, similar to alcohol, foods and beverages only cause temporary spikes of euphoria, often times causing 'crashes' later on. (Hangover anyone?)

Exercise is a much more sustainable way to improve your mood over the long term. Not only that, but you are doing something good for your body, improving your tissues, and burning calories, rather than cramming in unneeded calories that will just add inches to your waistline.

Winner: Exercise

Quote of the day:
"Energy and persistence conquer all things."
~ Benjamin Franklin