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Day 62 - Diet vs. Exercise Part 7: Cancer Prevention

There are plenty of research studies hypothesizing that consuming a mostly plant-based diet has been shown to be a major deterrent for cancer, studies also show that regular exercise strengthens this fact even more.

There are other categories at play here, such as maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding cigarettes, limiting alcohol, etc. Truth of the matter is, Cancer can happen to anyone at any time, and is a scary disease!

Having said that, leading as healthy a life as possible has been shown to greatly reduce your risk of cancer substantially. I would like to quote Henry S. Lodge from the book Younger Next Year:

Some 70 percent of premature death and aging is lifestyle-related. Heart attacks, strokes, the common cancers, diabetes, most falls, fractures, and serious injuries, and many more illnesses are primarily caused by the way we live. If we had the will to do it, we could eliminate more than half of all disease in men and women over fifty. Not delay it, eliminate it.

Diet and exercise are both important here, I call this one a tie!

Winner: Tie

Quote of the day:
"Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them."
-Author Unknown