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Day 64 - Diet vs. Exercise: And the Winner Is....

Just in case you have missed it, I have been comparing diet vs. exercise in various topics to determine which one, once and for all, is better for total-body health. You can review the past posts here:

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So without further ado, I declare the winner between diet and exercise, as the be-all, end-all to lifelong health and fitness to be...

Diet AND Exercise - it's a tie!

Come on now, you didn't actually think I was going to pick one over the other did you? That would be like asking a parent to choose their favorite child!

Both diet and exercise each have their pros and cons, but combined, they play a tremendously important role in maintaining a healthy weight, keeping steady energy levels, improving overall mood, improved sleeping, preventing illness, etc. The list could go on and on!

Keep in mind that there is no magic solution to getting fit, feeling great, and looking a certain way. It requires a life-long dedication to not only consuming healthy and nutrient-rich foods, but also moving your butt and challenging your body in various ways.

Don't think of the word 'diet' as a short-term fix to get your ass into a pair of jeans to impress someone who frankly could probably care less. Think of it as a long-term change to improve yourself and live a healthy lifestyle.

Don't think of 'exercise' as a monotonous tool - that you hate with everything that makes you who you are - that will allow you to eat whatever you want and will help you shed pounds. Exercise is not that thing you turn to once every year to try and make yourself look good in that bathing suit, again, to try and impress people who probably don't give a sh*t.

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle is the only way you can change your body and your mind for the better to help you feel better and age as pain-free and illness-free as you possibly can. The only person who can make that commitment is you!

Quote of the day:
"Success is something you attract by the person you become."
~ Jim Rohn