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Day 69 - Shoe Selection for Insanity Asylum

Would recommend the Vibram Five Fingers for Asylum workouts or am I better off with running shoes?

I wouldn't use running shoes for Asylum as running shoes are primarily designed for forward movement only. Cross training shoes have lateral support for doing agility training like what you would find in Asylum.

Having said all of that, I have used Vibrams for the Asylum workouts and have been fine with them. First of all, you need to be used to Vibrams. I wouldn't go buy a pair, slap them on right away and jump right into Asylum. Secondly, you will still want a fairly padded floor, especially for routines like Vertical Plyo since you do quite a bit of jumping.

So, short answer: Cross training, court shoes, or basketball shoes if you want to use shoes, and only use Vibrams if you have experience with them and are experienced at exercising "barefoot". Hope that helps.

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