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Day 74 - Michael Phelps' Super Jammies

Well, actually, I guess they are technically Under Armour's, but Phelps claims to wear the suit after workouts, swim meets, and when he sleeps. Either way, this is a pretty cool looking suit in my opinion, and almost want to pick one up, if not for the expensive price tag, just to feel like a superhero.

I have written about the use of compression garments in the past, and their role in performance recovery, although the study I wrote about discussed how compression garments aid in recovery during exercise by improving venous return and oxygen exchange at a cellular level.

As I said, I have read and written about the benefits of compression garments in the past, and even use compression shorts during my workouts on a consistent basis, but these pieces of clothing should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sure, there may be benefits to using compression garments, including quicker recovery and performance enhancements. I am not disputing the fact that there are pros to wearing pieces of equipment such as this, I just think that the costs of such a suit may not yield as many benefits as may be desired, especially for someone who considers themselves a "weekend warrior".

For somebody like a weekend warrior, a well-structured exercise program, coupled with a well-balanced diet will do wonders to increasing performance. In fact, those two factors alone will more than likely place you head and shoulders above your competition.

On the other hand, someone like Michael Phelps may wish to experiment with such equipment, as even having miniscule improvements to his performance times can make the difference between a gold and missing the podium altogether.

Regardless, I always find it interesting and exciting to see just how far scientific advancements combined with human performance can take our levels of athleticism. I am looking forward to the Olympics!

Quote of the day:
"How long should you try? Until."
-Jim Rohn