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Day 78 - 10 MORE Tips for Fat Loss

I did "10 Tips for Fat Loss" just the other day. Here are 10 more:

1. Don't Forget Your Fiber - Think of fiber as a sponge; it absorbs water and makes you feel full. You should aim for more fiber and less carbs.

2. Eat More Protein - Replacing refined carbohydrates with lean protein will not only help satiate you, but will also increase your metabolism, through something called the thermic effect of food.

3. Eat protein more frequently. Piggy backing on #10, it’s important to also time your intake so you’re eating protein regularly throughout the day … not just in one lump sum, like most do at dinner. Every meal and snack should include some protein.

4. Strategize Your Carbs - Sure, carbs are important, but you surely don’t need as many if you’re not working out or if you workout just 30 minutes per day and then are sitting most of the other 23.5 hours.

5. Watch Your Portions - Avoid the buffet line and never super size a thing; instead make sure you’re following what the nutrition label recommends for a serving. Majority of the population vastly miscalculate what their portion size really is.

6. Don't Grocery Shop When Hungry - This is one that I try to avoid at all costs. When you are hungry, you are more likely to purchase 'junk' foods.

7. Bake, Don't Fry

8. "Regular" - I have mentioned before about not drinking your calories. Some folks don't realize that those extra large 'fancy' coffees can have up to 500 calories in them. Instead, go with black coffee in the morning, or if you absolutely must, use milk instead of cream, and 1 sugar instead of 2 or 3.

9. Always Leave Something - Try this at every meal: leave something on your plate. You can take the leftovers and box them up for a snack or meal later, but leave something there. This will not only allow you to cut some calories out of your diet, but you can also develop much stronger willpower.

10. Be Honest With Yourself - This has to be one of my most important tips. Similar to #5 on this list, be honest with yourself. If a serving size is listed as "1", don't take 1 & 1/2 and just call it '1', those little halves add up over time!

Quote of the day:
"If you want it badly enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve."
~Brian Tracy