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Day 92 - Warrior Dash 2012

I completed my 2nd Warrior Dash yesterday. The event was held in Barrie, Ontario, a little over an hour north of Toronto. The event was held at the same ski resort as last year, with essentially the exact same trail, with a few extra obstacles this time around.

Last year, my time was 32:32, so my goal this year was to firstly improve on my time, but to also use this as a bit of a training run for my upcoming Tough Mudder in a few week's time.

My final time this year was 31:08, good for 156th place out of 6689 runners. That also puts me in 69th place out of 950 males aged 20-29 (my age group).

I am happy that I shaved nearly a minute and a half off of my time from last year, even considering there were more obstacles this year, although I have to admit that my eyes are focused more on Tough Mudder and this was just a stepping stone to reach that point.

The event itself was great, very similar to last year's. I found both last year's and this year's events were very well organized. I found the obstacles were a bit better, and more abundant this year, although a few of them were still a bit "basic". Either way, this a great event that many will enjoy!

I am taking today as a rest and recovery day (July 22nd), but will be starting right back up again with my bridge program tomorrow, training for Tough Mudder.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's blog as I will detail the bridge program, with some changes to it from previous iterations.

Quote of the day:
"The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain."
~ Kahlil Gibran