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Day 93 - Tough Mudder Training

I now have a pretty small window to train for the Tough Mudder. I ran the Warrior Dash two days ago, so I took a recovery day yesterday (22nd), so now I am starting my Tough Mudder training today (23rd).

I do have a few things on my side, however. Firstly, I intentionally structured my training program to build up some strength and 'performance' leading up to Warrior Dash. The Warrior Dash itself was used as a bit of a training run, as well as a launching point for the final 4-week stretch leading into Tough Mudder.

My schedule below has changed (yet again) from previous iterations, as I have decided to switch my focus towards more athleticism and endurance rather than throwing in a week of strength training. Since I have such a small window (less than 4 weeks), and I have already strength trained leading up to Warrior Dash, my goal is to now take my functional training and make my muscles perform more athletically. In my opinion, one of the best ways to do that, is to use Insanity The Asylum! Schedule below:

23 - AM: Speed & Agility/Overtime, PM: Hockey
24 - Back to Core
25 - AM: Strength/Overtime, PM: 5-6 km Run
26 - Yoga/Relief
27 - Vertical Plyo/Overtime
28 - 10km Run
29 - Back to Core

30 - AM: Strength/Overtime, PM: Hockey
31 - Relief
1- Game Day/Overtime
2 - AM: Vertical Plyo/Overtime, PM: 8km Run
3 - Back to Core
4 - Strength/Overtime
5 - 15km Run

6 - Yoga/Relief
7 - Speed & Agility/Overtime
8 - AM: Strength/Overtime PM: 5-6km Run
9 - Game Day/Overtime
10 - Vertical Plyo/Overtime
11 - 10km Run
12 - Yoga/Relief

13 - Back to Core
14 - Speed & Agility/Overtime
15 - Asylum Fit Test
16 - Yoga/Relief
17 - Yoga/Relief
18 - Yoga/Relief
19 - Tough Mudder

A couple things to note. Firstly, I picked up an idea from a fellow fitness fanatic named Mike about doing Overtime after every Asylum workout. I am not going to do Overtime on days that I do "Back to Core" since that routine is more intended to be an "active recovery" type of day.

Also, for these next few weeks, I am hoping to make my diet as flawless as possible. I am not necessarily tracking numbers or following a specific macronutrient breakdown, I will just be attempting make my diet as clean as possible to fuel my performance and recovery!

Quote of the day:
"The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true."
~ Author Unknown