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Day 99 - Grow Younger Every Day Step 12: Failure is Not Final

Step 12 is all about moving on from your mistakes or failures.

Whether you are an athlete or an 'average Joe', you are going to hit roadblocks on the road to success. Roadblocks could include injuries, bad training days, 'cheat' meals/snacks, etc.

Remember that sh*t happens in life, and usually, things happen outside of your control that can derail your progress.

Even during those times of weakness when you decide to have a cheat meal, and you are fully in control, remember that this does not meant that you are a failure.

Far too many times I see somebody say, after having a 'bad food day', "Oh well, I will get back at it on Monday!" Well, Monday usually turns to "next week", which then turns into "next month", and eventually "I'll be good at the start of the year!"

I have never understood the whole "New Year's Resolution" hoopla. It is so incredibly common for people to 'fall off the wagon' in the last few months of a year, just so that they can start fresh with a new plan on the 1st of January.

I say, why wait? Why wait for the next day, or next week, or next year to start before you decide to make a change? If you have made a mistake, or mistakes, don't sit around and contemplate when you are going to 'fix things', just do it!

"Well, I can't give up sweets and junk food during the holiday season, that's just crazy talk!"

Fine, but what's stopping you from working out? What's stopping you from limiting the junk you shove in your gob?

How many times have you heard someone say, "Oh, I am going to start eating junky again starting Monday?" People don't plan cheat meals ahead of time, they just do it when they feel like doing it! So why not do the same in reverse?

This will be further elaborated on in the final few "Grow Younger Every Day" blogs over the next few days.

Quote of the day:
“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” 
- Milton Berle