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Day 125 - Tough Mudder Tactics: Berlin Walls

Tough Mudder Toronto actually had 2 sets of Berlin Walls. The first set was approximately 8-10 feet high, whereas the second set was at least 11 feet high, probably closer to 12 feet. (Sorry, I don't really remember the exact heights)

This obstacle relies on teamwork. Scale three 12′ wooden walls with the help of your teammates, strategically placed for when you are at your weakest during the event. While some Mudders have worked up the strength to ascend the walls alone, most need a boost from a fellow Mudder — they got your back, literally.

To properly prepare for these walls, or to at least be able to complete them on your own, you are going to need some upper body strength. I highly recommend preparing by using pullups - wide front pullups to be more specific.

Tough Mudder really tries to stress the importance of teamwork at their events, and it may be entirely necessary for you to use someone else's helping hand to get you over both sets of walls, but I am here to tell you that it is also possible to do it alone!

For those readers who are not familiar with my training or follow me consistently enough, let me explain a little about myself.

I am 5'11", 174lbs (heading into Tough Mudder Toronto). In my final fit test prior to the event, I was able to crank out 30 pullups in a minute. I am honestly not trying to brag, just letting you know what level of fitness I am/was at in order to complete these obstacles on my own.

Both sets of Berlin Walls have a very small ledge about 2-3 feet off the ground to at least get you closer to reaching the top of the wall. On the first set of walls, I was able to reach the top of the wall quite easily by standing on the ledge. At that point, I really had no issue at all pulling myself up and over.

The second set of walls were a completely different story, however. From the ledge, I was unable to reach the top of the wall, so a jump was required. The problem with this is that the second set of Berlin Walls were towards the end of the course, and my legs were pretty toast from all of the hills, especially my calves!

I had to run from a few feet back to get a bit of forward momentum, transitioned into upward momentum to reach the top of the wall. Once I was able to grip the top of the wall, I could at least pull myself up to the point where I could swing my leg over, followed by the rest of my body. You can see me traverse the higher Berlin Walls starting at the 3:09 part of the video below.

Quote of the day:
"Diligence is the mother of good luck."
~ American Proverb