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Day 138 - Tough Mudder Tactics: Walk the Plank

To be honest, there is not a whole lot to Walk the Plank. You climb up to a platform, approximately 15' above the water below, and jump!

Test your fear of heights and cold all in one with our 15+ feet high jump into freezing water. Mudders like to display their fancy diving skills (or belly-flops) at this obstacle. Don’t spend too much time pondering your leap – Marines at the top of the platform will chew you out, or worse, push you into the freezing depths below.

You can chalk this obstacle up to something that is in a Tough Mudder event to test your mental grit/toughness. While other obstacles test your stamina and physical strength, there are also obstacles like this one that do something that may, or may not, push you out of your comfort zone.

I will admit that I am not a big fan of heights, so the jump looked much higher once I actually got up onto this platform. However, as said previously, this is something that is there to test my mental toughness and I felt proud when I just went ahead and jumped.

Once you're in the water, you will have a swim ahead of yourself, the length of which will be entirely dependent on the event you are at. The pool created for Tough Mudder Toronto's Walk the Plank was man-made, so there was a not a long swim whatsoever. If you check out photos from various Tough Mudder events, however, you will see that a lengthier swim may be required.

Quote of the day:
"Difficulties mastered are opportunities won."
~ Winston Churchill