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Day 149 - Tough Mudder Tactics: Log Jammin'

Tough Mudder Toronto had this event titled as "Log Jammin'", although the Tough Mudder website has it listed as "Log Bog Jog". Either way, this obstacle may surprise a few people with its difficulty.

Jump over and crawl under large logs strewn across the course. This may not sound very difficult, but with fatigued muscles and logs placed at varying heights, the Log Bog Jog has proven to be a challenge for Mudders. To prepare for this obstacle, find a bunch of fallen trees to scale & crawl underneath. If you don’t have an abundance of fallen trees nearby to train with, belly-bombers (also known as burpees) will suffice.
Although this is not the most physically demanding obstacle on the course, some folks may still have troubles getting up and over some of these logs.

The obstacle is designed to be a somewhat structured pile of logs where you must either climb up and over, under, or even through. There are arrows on the logs pointing you in the direction the organizers wish for you to travel.

This obstacle was towards the end of the Toronto course, so I was actually fairly winded and ready for a break. I made my way through the logs with virtually no problem, but it definitely took some extra effort to get up and over some of these log piles.

To train for this event, I would recommend some total-body strength training as you will need leg, core, and upper body strength to get through this one. You should be fine completing it on your own, but a helping hand here or there never hurts!

Quote of the day:
"Success as I see it, is a result, not a goal."
~ Gustave Flaubert