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Day 150 - Tough Mudder Tactics: Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning is definitely one of the more 'fun' obstacles on the course, unless of course the climate you are competing in is cold, then you may not want to be sliding into ice cold water.

Have some fun sliding down this massive slippery slope into a frigid, muddy pool of water at the bottom. On some courses, Greased Lightning is built on a snowy hill making for some literally cold-ass Mudders. Inflatable inner-tubes and pool toys are welcome! Real Mudders go head first.

There is not a whole lot to this obstacle. Essentially it is a large slip and slide for adults! Tough Mudder Toronto participants were lucky enough to have this obstacle towards the end of the course. I remember getting really excited when I saw it, as the race was held in August, so I was pretty hot towards the end, so it was nice to be able to dunk in some water to cool off.

There really is nothing you can do to prepare for this event, unless you wish to set up a large slip and slide in your backyard to get used to sliding into a pool of water!

Quote of the day:
"Stop thinking about what could go wrong and think about what could go right!"
~ Unknown