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Day 162 - We're Moving!

We're moving! I mean literally, not in a sense that I am starting a new website or anything.

For those of you who follow me consistently, my wife is finishing up her PhD at the end of October, so she has taken a great new position starting at the beginning of 2013. This means that we, as a family, are moving to be closer to her new job. What this means for the rest of you, is that I will be filming my videos from a brand-new location!

We are moving into a brand-new house on December 13th 2012. This lines up fairly well with my schedule as I will be taking a bit of time off after the World's Toughest Mudder on November 17/18th.

I have a list of fitness goals and programs I wish to try, including Insanity: The Asylum Volume 2, as well as Beachbody's bulking program Body Beast, but all of that will be dependent on how the move goes and how I wish to set my training schedule for my next Tough Mudder.

Yes, you heard that correctly, I am going to be doing the Toronto Tough Mudder in May 2013. My wife was really inspired by my last Tough Mudder outing, so she wishes to do it this time, so we are going to do it together.

So, I will need to get that home gym up and running in no time at the new house!

That is fine, however, since it is a new house, the gym will be in the basement...the unfinished basement! I have been pondering what I wish to do with the basement once I move in, but in reality, I am probably just going to set up a temporary workout dojo for now, so my wife and I can train, and then set out plans to finish it sometime next year.

My dad is a basement-finishing guru, so, I am hoping he is going to help me not only finish my basement, but also lend me his tools. Dad, if you are reading this, thanks in advance!

So, what this also means for all of you, is that you get to see my full thought process as I design and implement my home gym plans. I have some pretty good ideas already, and will continue to brainstorm over the next few months, but if any of you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them my way.

I will be documenting my thought process as I go, with plenty of updates right here on my written blog, and of course on my Youtube channel. I am not a carpenter, nor do I wish for my blog/vlog to turn into a "home makeover" type theme, but it should at least be of some interest to some of you who are looking for ideas on how to design a home gym, so stay tuned!

Quote of the day:
"You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one."
~ Henry David Thoreau

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