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Day 186 - Beachbody Challenge Pack Promotion

Hey folks, I just wanted to share some interesting news that I heard today from Beachbody. It turns out, Beachbody is putting on a MAJOR push to increase the size of their call centre in anticipation of increased sales in the coming months. Some of you may already know, but in case you don't, let me explain what that means to all of you.
Every Beachbody customer is assigned to a Team Beachbody Coach (unless they select one for themselves). With this expected surge in sales, Beachbody is pushing to also increase the number of Team Beachbody Coaches to handle the increased customer demand. In case you didn't know, Beachbody has a Customer Leads program that is available to all "Emerald" or higher ranked coaches. That means that they literally give customers to their coaches, in order for their coaches to help motivate and inspire new customers that come on board!
So, how is Beachbody recruiting more coaches? Challenge Packs are one tool (of many) that you can not only use to get yourself healthy, but to also become a Coach, and inspire others to join your team. Remember, you are a walking, talking advertisement, so in order to really spread the word about how great Beachbody is, you will want to be a shining example.
Currently, Beachbody is holding a Challenge Pack Promotion. This promotion is for those of you who are currently on the fence about becoming a Beachbody Coach. If you are currently a regular customer, and wish to remain as a customer, that is fine, jump down to the bottom of the page to the section titled "Challenge Group" as I would still love to help you stay motivated and connected heading into the New Year.
If, however, you wish to learn more about the Challenge Pack Promotion, here is what it is all about;
From now, until the end of 2012, if you purchase a Challenge Pack, you have the option of upgrading to "Coach" status - for free!
What is a Challenge Pack? A Challenge Pack combines the 2 facets of a healthy lifestyle - diet AND exercise. You get one of Beachbody's home workout programs, along with a month's supply of Shakeology.
What savings are you looking at? Well, it varies by program (Challenge Pack list is below), but let me use P90X as an example. Shakeology has a retail price of around $119.85. A month's worth of Shakeology has a retail price of $119.95. When these two are combined in the P90X Challenge Pack, you pay just $205 - a savings of around $35.
Having said all of that, by purchasing a Challenge Pack by the end of 2012, your Coach enrolment fee ($39.95) is waived. That brings your total savings up to nearly $75!
Oh yeah, and one more thing. If you sign me up as your Coach by the end of October, your name is entered in a contest for a chance to win one FREE copy of Shaun T's Insanity: The Asylum Volume 2.
Q: What is involved after I sign up as a Coach?
A: You will need to continue to pay the $15.95 monthly Coach fees. Not only that, but by purchasing a Challenge Pack, you are enrolled in Shakeology Home Direct. This means that you will be billed, and shipped a 30-day supply of Shakeology, every 30 days at the Coach-discounted price of $89.96 (25% off). If you wish to purchase Shakeology on Home Direct, your savings will pay for the monthly Coach Fees on their own!
Challenge Packs Available:
E-mail me for further details regarding each Challenge Pack)
Body Beast Challenge Pack $220
Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack $305
LES MILLS PUMP Challenge Pack $245
Tai Cheng Challenge Pack $205
P90X Challenge Pack $205
P90X2 Challenge Pack $205
10 Minute Trainer Challenge Pack $180
Power 90 Challenge Pack $160
Insanity Challenge Pack $205
Asylum Volume 1 Challenge Pack $180
Hip Hop Abs Challenge Pack $160
TurboFire Challenge Pack $205
Turbo Jam Challenge Pack $160
ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge Pack $180
Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack $160
Brazil Butt Lift Master Series Challenge Pack $160
RevAbs Challenge Pack $180
Slim in 6 Challenge Pack $160
Body Gospel Challenge Pack $180

Challenge Group

I am starting a Challenge Group at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 with the goal of starting the New Year with the most momentum possible, and for some of you, actually following through with a New Year's Resolution that you can stick with! I have started amessage board thread where a group of us can band together, and motivate and inspire each other to stick with each of our desired programs. Even if you don't wish to become a Coach at this time (or ever), I still want you to join us in making 2013 everyone's best year yet!
E-mail me with any questions/comments/concerns you may have.

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