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Day 194 - Weekly Newsletter

Hey Everybody

Well, I have officially been a Beachbody Coach for an entire month now, and I will have to admit that my first month has been a HUGE success. One of the biggest successes in my opinion, and I know it sounds cliched, but I have gotten to connect with so many tremendous people with truly amazing stories! Many of you I probably would not have connected with if it weren't for the fact that I am now a Coach.

Training for the World's Toughest Mudder is going pretty well. My distance running has really improved, and I have covered some good distances, all while trying to maintain as much of my upper body strength as possible. I am hoping that Raceway Park in New Jersey (where the event is being held) is far enough inland and is a high enough elevation that it wasn't destroyed too much by Hurricane Sandy. I haven't heard anything from Tough Mudder as of yet, so I am hoping no news is good news at this point. This Saturday will mark 2 weeks until the World's Toughest Mudder!

Here are this week's topics:

1. Today (October 31st) is your last day to enter the Asylum 2 giveaway contest. All Coaches and regular Beachbody customers who have already signed me up as their Coach have their name entered for a chance to win a FREE copy of Asylum 2. I will be doing the draw on video tomorrow morning (Thursday November 1st) and posting it on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The winner will need to contact me with their address so I can ship Asylum 2 directly to them!

Don't assume that just because you are reading this that you are entered in the contest. If you want confirmation that you are entered, e-mail me for confirmation. If you need information on how to join our team, visit the "Join Our Team" section on my website.''

Don't forget, you will also receive 1 bonus entry in the contest for every person you refer to the team. So far I have 3 individuals who have taken advantage of the referral bonus.

2. As of Tuesday October 30th, sometime in the later afternoon, Beachbody announced a sale on their workout program TurboFire. (Regular price $120 on sale for $53. $39.75 with the Coach discount) I had heard that they are only selling 1000 units at this price. Once those quantities are gone, then the sale would be over, so if you wish to purchase this program at nearly 50% off, I would act fast. As of Wednesday October 31st at 8am, the sale is still on, so move quick. The link to purchase is here.

3. I am still looking for more folks to join up with our Team Fitness for Life Workout Group, and/or more confirmations for our Team Fitness for Life Challenge Group starting at the end of the year. Join to stay motivated and accountable with us and start the New Year on the right foot.

4. I have taken Shakeology now for one full week and I have to admit that I have noticed a change already. I have been sleeping better, my energy levels have been higher and more consistent throughout the day, and I been much more *ahem*…."regular". I was speaking with my sister the other day, who has had a pretty long history of digestive problems, and she is very excited to try her very first bag of Shake-O as well. Her bag has been ordered and is on its way. I hope it can help her out!

5. If you missed any of this week's Youtube Videos, here ya go:

6. I want to hear from all of you. Please write me back and let me know how you are making out with your diet and exercise programs. Also let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon,

Quote of the day:
"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present."
~ Jim Rohn

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