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Day 204 - Crossfit and a Missed Opportunity...

We all have our own opinions about Crossfit, but let me share something that I saw on a "World's Toughest Mudder" Facebook group today:

"Well looks like my last intense work out has bit me in the ass. Currently I'm sitting in emergency with a confirmed case of rabdo. So fellow mudder I wish you luck I'm going to be sitting this one out."

When asked by someone how it happened, his response was:

"Crossfit angie"

The thing is, if you go investigate what an "Angie" is, it is 100 pushups, 100 pullups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups. It is not uncommon for myself (or many others) to do far more than 100 pushups and/or pullups and/or squats and/or sit-ups in a workout. The problem here is that this workout (and majority of the other Crossfit WODs) are structured to be done as fast as possible with little regard for form, proper recovery, safety, etc. In my opinion, there is NO benefit to doing this workout as fast as possible when compared to do the same amount of reps in a properly-structured timing scenario...

I have said it before, and I will say it again. There are risks with ANY type of exercise program you choose to partake in, but Crossfit seems to push the boundaries a little sometimes...or maybe it is just the mentality of its participants that it seems to attract. Either way, it's a shame that this guy has to miss out on the very event he was training for because he trained too hard. Stay safe my friends!

Quote of the day:
"When the best things are not possible, the best may be made of those that are."
~ Richard Hooker

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