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Day 222 - Weekly Newsletter

Hey Everybody

I trust things are well with everyone. I am hoping all of my American friends had a great Thanksgiving break. We are now heading straight towards Christmas and the holiday season wrapping up the end of the year.

This is a notoriously bad time of year for folks to just 'write off', then start fresh at the beginning of the year. I like to think of myself as a realist, so I understand that this is a tough time of year to get active. That is fine. Do what works for you. I am not going to try and preach to you that you should get active now, with just a month left of the year, and with all of the holiday festivities going on, it can be extremely tough to get on a workout schedule. But, at least do this for me:

1. Limit yourself with your holiday 'junk' eating. There is PLENTY of opportunity to indulge a little without totally ruining your waistline. Limit the damages this time of year usually does to most people.

2. Start making plans to get started training NOW. Don't wait until January to sort of starting to think about what you wish to do to get in shape. Start getting motivated and prepared now, so that when January 1st rolls around, you are ready to hit the ground running!

On a personal note, and with a bit of research, I seem to have picked up a case of chondromalacia, or "runner's knee" from World's Toughest Mudder. Majority of the time my right knee feels just fine, and in fact there were absolutely no problems the other day when I played hockey. Having said that, a lot of walking or going down stairs causes a bit of a 'flare up' where I get some pain. So, I am definitely taking some recovery time, trying to limit the stress on the knee, avoiding stairs with my right leg, etc.

I am hoping to still start Body Beast December 15th, but that will be entirely dependent on the right knee. I will keep everyone updated.

Speaking of Body Beast, since I am planning on starting December 15th, I will be jumping head-first into our Challenge Group at that time. (Link in e-mail signature below). We already have a good group of us aiming to get started at or around the end of this year, so feel free to jump in with us. Challenge Groups are a fantastic way to get and stay motivated/accountable.

That is all for this week, I hope to hear from all of you with any problems/concerns/questions you may have. Talk to you all soon!

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