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Day 229 - Weekly Newsletter

Hey Everybody

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you are up at 4:30 in the morning! So many new things coming up for me, so my mind was racing once I woke up, so there was no way I was heading back to sleep. It has been a productive morning, as I have been trying to get ahead on my blogs and other computer work associated with being YOUR Beachbody Coach.

First, a quick update on me. My knee has been feeling a lot better lately *knock on wood*. I have been doing whatever I can to make sure I don't aggravate the injury any further. It is my understanding that if I just give it some time to rest, then it should pretty much get better on its own.

I am still taking some more recovery time, allowing all of my little aches, pains, bumps, and bruises to heal up before I jump into Body Beast on the 15th. I am still staying connected with many of you through Facebook/Twitter/Youtube, which is of GREAT motivation to me. I enjoy seeing the dedication a lot of you are showing in staying active. It really is getting me extremely PUMPED to get back to the grind….in time, however.

In the meantime, my wife and I are very busy trying to tie up all of our remaining loose ends before our move on the 13th. If any of you have moved from one house to another in the past, you know how hectic things can get…throw Christmas preparations in there and you make for a very busy time of year for us right now! Good news is that we had our final walkthrough of the house last night. It looks amazing! A few little fixes here and there and it should be good to go for us on the 13th.

A couple things I want to run by you this week:

1. LES MILLS COMBAT is now available in a Challenge Pack for just $160. This is a pretty incredible deal considering you get the program, plus your first month of Shakeology, all for that one price. Shakeology retails for $120 on its own! More details here.

2. December is the last month to take advantage of the Challenge Pack promotion being offered at Beachbody. Purchase ANY Challenge Pack, and you are given the option to upgrade to Coach Status for free! Take advantage of this offer now, e-mail me for details.

3. Make sure to stop by and check out the Team Fitness for Life Workout Group. There is a group of us all ready to stay accountable with each other. Some of us are starting various programs on December 15th, but that is the beauty of this Challenge Group. You can choose WHATEVER program you like, and start on WHATEVER date works for you. It would be best to start around the same time as the rest of us so you can stay motivated and accountable, but you do not have to be glued to the 15th. If you want to wait until the start of the New Year, start then! You can read all about all of our trials and tribulations on our message board thread.

4. Not everyone on my mailing list has connected with me in as many ways as they could, so make sure you check out my links below. Facebook is generally my most widely-used networking tool to get news about blogs/vlogs/promotions/etc out to all of you.

Stay tuned, as I am going to have many more blogs/vlogs/reviews/etc. coming up in the very near future. Once I am a few weeks into Body Beast I will then start reviewing the workouts just as I have done in the past. I will also be documenting ALL of my progress along the way. Lots of exciting things coming in 2013 as well!

E-mail me back and let me know how you are doing personally, whether you are reaching towards your goals or struggling to get motivated, either way, I am here to help! Talk to you all soon,

Quote of the day:
"Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity."
~ Oprah Winfrey

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