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Day 236 - Weekly Newsletter

Good Morning Everyone

Happy 12-12-12…

A very quick e-mail this week, I am moving tomorrow (13th) so I have lots of last-minute stuff to do to be organized and ready to go.

My first-ever official Challenge Group starts this Saturday (at least for me). I will be starting Body Beast. I know of at least one other guy starting Body Beast with me on the same day, but you do not have to do Body Beast, or even start on the same day as me for that matter. All that matters is that you tag along, pick a workout program, choose your goals, post some accountability and get FIT with the rest of us in the group!

Since I am moving tomorrow, I will not have any internet connection for the day. If you need anything, I should be back on sometime during the day Friday once I get the phone/cable/internet all hooked up. The technician is supposed to be there first thing Friday morning so hopefully I am back up and running soon. But hey, I am sure I can go ONE day without internet…right?

I will be vlogging and blogging all of my progress with Body Beast, not to mention more video reviews in the New Year so stay tuned for all of that.

I also have one other important piece of "news" I guess you could call it, coming up on January 1st. I will be announcing it on my blog as well as on the "news" section of my website. Sorry to just tease you about it, but I want to get a few more details in line with it, as well as fully plan it out, and lately with the move, the holidays, and a number of other things on the go, I don't really have the time at this moment in time, but soon!

As per usual, I want to hear from all of you! E-mail me back and let me know how your health and fitness goals are progressing.

Everyone have a great week, talk to you all soon,

Tyler Robbins
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

2013 Challenge Group - Team Fitness for Life

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"It’s great to be great, but its greater to be human."
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