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Day 335 - Why I Love Beachbody Coaching

As of April 1st, I will officially be a Team Beachbody Coach for 6 months duration. To be honest, and for those of you following me for some time, you should know that I have been eagerly waiting for this opportunity for years now. I have been blogging and Youtube-ing for years, not only for the joy of helping others, but also because I truly enjoy and believe in Beachbody products and the company's philosophy.

Today I figured I would discuss what I consider to be the greatest reasons or "perks" to being a Beachbody Coach. I am being 100% honest with you in my reasoning, and here's why:

Although there are lots of cynical people out there labeling Beachbody as, "Just another pyramid scheme", or "A scam!", there is lots to enjoy and love about the company. People oftentimes feel as though they don't want to get 'hooked' into becoming a Coach and if I even bring up the idea that they should become one, then some folks get their backs up.

I want to stress this fact first and foremost. Beachbody Coaches make 25% commission on all 'sales' that they make. Having said that, having Coaches signed up 'beneath' them does not make them any commission at all. Instead, there are bonuses based on volume points, etc. (it can be confusing and requires a much more detailed discussion), but the fact of the matter is that a Coach technically makes more money or commission off of a paying customer than they do off of a Coach who joins their team.

What I am saying is that I do not wish to try and 'hook you' to join my team and Coach under me in order to make more money. I offer Coaching positions to those who I feel would benefit from the opportunity the most! Regardless, here is my list of reasons why I have loved Coaching so much, so far:

1. 25/25 - As a Beachbody Coach, yes, you make commission off of sales. You earn 25% commission for every sale you make to a regular Beachbody customer. Not only that, but you also get a 25% discount on all purchases you personally make. If you are a regular customer (Shakeology is a BIG example of this), then becoming a Coach can actually save/make you a lot of money.

I can not tell you how many folks sign up to be a Beachbody Coach simply for the discount, but then go on to learn more about building their business and turn it into a nice side-income. As family and friends around you start asking about how you are getting so fit and healthy, you can then share your experiences with them regarding what you have been up to!

2. Beachbody Events - I have only been to one Beachbody event so far, but I have also been actively following past events that some other Coaches have attended and am simply amazed at the overall happiness and enthusiasm found at these events. Take the event I went to just last weekend in Toronto, for example. I cannot describe to you the feeling of being in a large room with so many other like-minded individuals who are passionate and interested about the same things you are - helping others achieve their goals!

Sure, there are plenty of Beachbody events being held that are open to the general public, but I would say majority of the events are only accessible to Coaches and their families. Not only that, but by helping others achieve their goals and stay motivated, there are prize trips and events that can be won and paid for by Beachbody!

3. Meet Such Amazing People - I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting so many fantastic people who have changed their lives, simply from working out at home using Beachbody products and leading healthy lifestyles. Some of these people I had the opportunity to meet and hear their story from the Toronto event, but I also hear and get amazing feedback from folks online who connect with me through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I actually had a very nice couple approach me at the Toronto event thanking me for all of my Youtube videos. I guess they watch all of my videos prior to starting a new workout to they know what they are getting themselves in to! Oftentimes we get very close-minded in the lives we live, only interacting with a close-knit group of family and friends through school or work. It is such an amazing experience to meet and interact with folks from literally, all over the world looking to get fit and healthy!

4. Motivate Others - Related to #3, I get comments and e-mails all the time from folks who thank me for helping them stay motivated. To think that I am helping people stay motivated and inspired to lead healthier lives is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. To be able to share my ups and downs with all of you has been a blast these past few years, even prior to becoming an official Beachbody Coach.

5. Motivate Me - Honestly, as cliched as it sounds, all of you motivate me to keep going and stay active. I am just like all of you. There are those days when I just dread the thought of pressing play and working out, but I get to it because of #4. I like to stay accountable and keep my integrity, and there is no point in me preaching to all of you eat healthy and stay active if I am not doing it myself! Not only that, but the positive words of encouragement keeps me plugging away, staying healthy and active.

If you are passionate about helping other people lead healthier lifestyles, and believe that Beachbody Coaching is right for you, e-mail me so that you can join my team today!

Quote of the day:
"Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them."
-Author Unknown

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