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Day 341 - Weekly Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

Wow, the last week of March, 2013 is Marching right along...see what I did there?

Personally, I am in my 2nd week of my Tough Mudder Training. My wife and I are training hard to compete in Tough Mudder Toronto on May 11th. I actually got out for my first run of the season last Saturday. It is the first run I have gone on since World's Toughest Mudder back in November. It felt great to get back outside running again!

You can definitely tell Spring is in the air. There may be snow on the ground for a lot of us still, but there is more sunshine and daylight during the day, and I know it has really improved my own mood and energy levels, I hope it is doing the same for all of you!

Topics to cover this week:

1. For you Facebook users: I have an accountability group started on Facebook. You can find us here. This group is a great way to post daily accountability, ask questions, and help motivate each other to stay active! Anyone can join, so meet us there!

2. Shaun T's next program has been announced. It is called "Focus T25". It is a 5 day-a-week program, each workout lasting just 25 minutes. You can find the first trailer for it here.

3. Just a few days left of my Facebook Contest. All you have to do is "Like" my Facebook Page, and "Share" my daily photo. Every time you share the photo, you are entered for a chance to win a 2-week supply of Shakeology!

4. I am anticipating I will hit the 1 million Youtube views milestone sometime this weekend. I want to thank all of my supporters who have watched and enjoyed my videos!

5. There are just a few days left in March to take advantage of Beachbody's Promotions. Remember, you can get both P90X and P90X2 Challenge Packs for $180 (over $80 savings). Not only that, but the P90X Challenge Pack also comes with P90X Plus, so you are saving over $160!

6. Also just a few days left to take advantage of the current Shakeology Pricing before prices go up April 1st. If you "lock-in" at the current price with "Home Direct", you stay at the current price for life (of course you can cancel at ANY time without penalty!). Here is the current Shakeology pricing structure (message me for details):

Shakeology (30 servings) Retail Price: $119.95 ($129.95 vegan)
Shipping: $9.90
Total: $129.85
Price per serving: $4.33 (before tax)

Shakeology Retail Price: $119.95 ($129.95 vegan)
Shipping: Free if you order on "Home Direct"
Total: $119.95
Price per serving: $4 (before tax)

Shakeology Coach Discount Price: $89.96
Shipping: Free
Monthly Coach Fees: $15.95
Total: $105.91
Price per serving: $3.53 (before tax)

7. This week's blogs:

Why I Love Beachbody Coaching
Motivation Saturday
Plyometric Safety Considerations
Movement Mechanics
Running Speed

Everyone have a great week, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need something. Talk to you soon,

Tyler Robbins

Quote of the day:
"Do not let it be your aim to be something, but to be someone." 
~ Victor Hugo

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