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Illegal Downloads

I have analytics set up through my website provider Squarespace, so I am able to see how people 'find' my website through various search queries. 

I am quite amazed at how many times "P90X Free Download" or "Body Beast Free Download" shows up in that list. Well, maybe I'm not surprised...P90X is, after all, the most pirated DVD in the world. 

This blog is not meant to discuss ethics. If you are the type of person that believes that it is ok to take something from a business or individual without compensating, then so be it, that is your can of worms. 

Instead, I want to discuss the exact reasoning behind this and hope to help you sort things out...if you are in fact one of those types of people who believe in freebies. 

Honestly, I see the allure of getting something for "free." The idea that you can get the top-selling home workout program (P90X) of all time, for example, without having to do a thing. But, truly ask yourself, is this how you approach all things in your life related to your health?

Do you really feel as though your health and wellbeing is literally worthless? 

Whenever I discuss health and fitness goals with my clients, I always try and get them to understand the importance of investing. You must work hard for your money, and wish to invest it in things that improve your life, correct? Maybe you invest in purchasing your living arrangements (house, apartment, condo, etc.). You probably invest in some form of transportation (car, bus, subway, etc.). You certainly invest in what you eat and drink, as that is required to live!  Then, there are other investments, like car maintenance, house maintenance, going to see the doctor, the dentist, etc. 

By downloading a home workout program, "just because you can," sends a clear message. Sure, you may not think this way, but deep down inside, you know that you are short-changing yourself. You are placing a price on your health and well-being, which is literally nothing! 

I have never come across a single individual who has downloaded a pirated copy of a home workout program, and had tremendous results. Why? Well, there's probably a list of reasons, but to me, I think it is the lack of accountability. 

I remember back to when I first purchased P90X, as well as other home workout programs I have purchased since then. I discuss the purchase with my wife, and the conversation always goes the same way. "Sure, go for it! Just use it!" 

I work hard to make an earning as well, so when I take my hard-earned cash, and decide to put it towards a workout program, I am doing so with the mindset that if I don't  succeed, then I am just flushing my money down the toilet!

So, for someone who has just gone ahead and downloaded a copy of a program, they are missing that extra accountability to succeed. They are missing that reason to press play every day. 

I also train clients in person. I always tell them as well, that by paying me to come and train you, you are not only getting a workout program designed for you, but you are getting an accountability partner. Someone who is going to keep you motivated. Just because that motivation is coming through your TV screen does not mean that you have to cheapen the experience...