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Hey Everyone

Welcome to October! A new month always brings exciting new opportunities, and with just a few months left in the year, it is also time to start planning ahead to the New Year. Lots of new, exciting, but also some disappointing news from me today.

First off, let me get the disappointing news out of the way first. I am withdrawing from the World's Toughest Mudder. For those of you who have been following me will know, I have a heart condition known as "Atrial Flutter." To make a long story short, I have been cleared for exercise, but certain types of training seem to be causing my symptoms to flare up, and I really don't think I am physically able, nor is it safe, to continue on with my training and competing at such a rigorous event. This is disappointing for me, but at the same time, health always comes first, and I am focusing on getting the required treatment so that I can make plans to compete again in the future.

For those interested, I am currently planning out my next training blocks. I plan on doing a Body Beast/One on One Hybrid that will focus on a bit of mass gaining, but also strength improvements. There will also be some performance goals there as well since I am now back playing hockey.

Now on to the exciting pieces of info from the past week:

1. Beachbody has announced their October promotions. During the month of October, you can get P90X or P90X2 Challenge Packs for just $180. That saves you over $90! Even if you already own X and/or X2, this is a great opportunity to save some money and pick up a copy of the program for a friend/family member, and you could keep the Shakeology for yourself.

2. Beachbody now offers 2 new purchasing options for Shakeology. First, you can get a taste sampler, where you will receive a single servings of the following flavours - 2 chocolate, 1 vanilla, 1 greenberry. Keep in mind that these are limited to 1 per taste sampler per customer. For those of you who have been asking for it, you can now order chocolate/vanilla combo packs so that you can keep some variety with your healthiest meal of the day!

3. New P90X3 details!

4. I am going to be running a P90X3 Challenge Group to kick off the New Year! P90X3 is available for order on December 10th. If you order before December 15th, Beachbody guarantees that you will get it by Christmas. Take a few days off for the holiday season, and then join an already-growing group of us to start the program sometime between December 29th and January 11th!

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Everyone have a great week!


Tyler Robbins
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