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P90X3 Prep!

Well, after my disappointing news earlier this week, I have spent the rest of the week recovering and brainstorming my next training block. It is a shame that I can not make it to the World's Toughest Mudder this year, but at the same time, I am excited about my short-term training goals leading up to the release of P90X3 on December 10th!

For those of you who don't know already, I will be running a  P90X3 Challenge Group, so that a group of us like-minded individuals can progress through the program together.

Leading up to P90X3, however, will be a hypertrophy/strength/mass gaining hybrid that I have concocted that will aim to fulfill a few goals: 

  1. Put on some mass. 
  2. Improve strength. 
  3. Work on specific areas for hockey (I am back playing men's hockey on Sunday nights). 

The idea here, is that I will be heading into P90X3 in good physical shape, but with some weight to lose. The timing will be perfect, since we will be starting just after the holidays, so I can focus on getting my diet in perfect order, and 'cut' the best I can with X3.

My hybrid will consist of Body Beast workouts, alongside Tony's 1 on 1's (schedule below). I will be playing around with some of the rep ranges, however, but before we delve into why I am doing this, let me give you a crash-course on "core" vs. "assistance" exercises. 

"Core" vs. "Assistance" Exercises
Strength and power repetition ranges are intended to be done by "core exercises". A core exercise is one that recruits one or more large muscle areas (chest, shoulder, back, hip, thigh), involve two or more primary joints, and receive priority when one is selecting exercises because of their direct application to sport.
"Assistance exercises" on the other hand, usually recruit smaller muscle areas (upper arm, abdonminals, calf, neck, forearm, lower back, or anterior lower leg), involve only one primary joint, and are considered less important to improving sport performance.

If you are familiar with Body Beast, you will know that majority of the workouts (roughly) use 15-12-8 repetition goals. I am going to be aiming for 12-8-6 repetition goals for all "Core" exercises (using the above terminology). So, for example, chest presses, squats, shoulder presses, etc. will be considered "Core". Specific exercises, such as bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, etc. will still use the 15-12-8 repetition goal range.

6 to 12 repetitions is the "magic zone" when it comes to hypertrophy (muscular growth), but the closer to you get to 6 (6-8 reps), could be considered "functional hypertrophy," as the muscles also gain some strength as well. When working major muscle groups, across multiple joints (chest press - elbows, shoulders), the forces placed on the body can be displaced and 'handled' better by the body. 

Since I am playing hockey on Sundays, that will essentially work as my "cardio" workout for the week, because I know a lot of you like to use that term. Me personally, I like to think of any workout that elevates your heart rate above resting levels for an extended period of time (what workout doesn't?!?) as a "cardio" workout.

The only two workouts that will NOT be following the mention repetition goals will be my legs days (Tuesday/Thursdays). Tuesdays will be about improving the plyometric nature of my muscles, so that they function better on the ice. I also really enjoy the very hockey-specific exercises in Tony's 1 on 1 - Plyo Legs, specifically the lateral jumps, and 4-corner jumps as they mimic the actions used when skating. Legs Thursdays will be my own concoction of some really heavy squatting, deadlifting, and step-up to reverse lunging. Since I will be doing deadlifts on Legs Thursdays, I will be omitting them from any routines the day before or after (Back/Bis on Fridays).

You may notice double chest days during my "Phase 2" workouts. My chest has always been a trouble spot for me, so I will be attempting to put some mass on in that area, enough said! 

Finally, I will be dabbling with some forearm work (great to improve my strength and explosiveness of my shot), and core work - both of which I will be playing around with a few ideas of my own. Once I get a good routine, then I can share them with those interested. 

Oh, and one last thing. I don't have my "off" or "recovery" weeks planned as of yet. They will most likely be a 3x/week mix of total body workouts, such as Tony Horton's Road Warrior, Body Beast Total Body, and maybe a Focus T25 workout or two! 


Phase 1 (October 7th - October 27th)

M - BB Build: Chest/Tris + Abs
T - TH 1on1 - Plyo Legs
W - BB Build: Shoulders + Abs
Th - Legs
F - BB Build: Back/Bis + Forearm work
S - Off
S - Hockey

Phase 2 (November 4th - November 24th)

M - BB Bulk: Chest + Bulk: Back (no deadlifts)
T - TH 1on1 - Plyo Legs
W - TH 1on1 - Diamond Delts + Just Arms
Th - Legs
F - BB Bulk: Chest + Abs
S - Off
S - Hockey
Phase 3 (December 2nd - December 22nd)
Week 1 - Phase 2
Week 2 - Phase 1
Week 3 - Phase 2
December 23rd - December 28th - Off

December 29th - Start P90X3!