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Home Workout Cost Analysis

Just the other day, I wrote a blog about investing in home workouts, as you can begin to build a great home gym, and although you may have a few startup costs, you save in the long run - not to mention the incredible value added to simply working out at home!

Investing in your health!

Well, a Coach on my team (Brenda Merritt) actually went back and completed her own personal cost analysis for the past 7 years she has been working out at home, compared to what she would have spent paying for a monthly gym membership. The savings speak for themselves!

She saved over $4000 in 7 years!!!!!! (she has been a Coach since October 2012)

What is even more astounding to me, is the fact that she didn't even calculate the cost of wear and tear on her car to drive to the gym, nor the cost of fuel. ALSO, don't even think about hiring a personal trainer to keep you motivated and on a program designed for you, as personal training costs are ridiculous!

I have personally looked into training at a couple local gyms and personal training costs anywhere from $55-75/hour depending on how many sessions you "commit to."

This is simply comparing apples to apples. Cost of a gym membership versus her cost of working out at home.

In my personal opinion, working out in the comfort of my own home, based on my own schedule, using my own equipment, and not having to sit in other people's sweat is MORE than enough investment for me. But when you break down numbers like this and see that I am still coming out ahead, is just money in the bank - literally!

I know Brenda is a user of Shakeology as well, so not only does she get home workout programs designed by professional trainers, brought right to her home, but she can now use her savings to invest in other areas to improve her overall health.