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Day 361 - Stepping Back into the BEAST!


I have always been a strong advocate for exercising and staying active with what you love. So, in light of this, I am going to take my own advice and end my current hybrid, and head back to do another (modified) round of Body Beast.

For those of you who are following along, I am currently in a P90X2/Asylum hybrid, preparing for my next Tough Mudder on Saturday May 11th. There are few things that stand out here towards my reasoning for ending my current hybrid.

1. I have recently been diagnosed with Atrial Flutter. Although I have been given the green light to exercise, I have been warned about pushing things too far. We all know that there is nothing like a Shaun T workout to push yourself past your limits. So, although I have been using a couple Asylum routines, I will be the first to admit that I have been not giving it as much of an effort as I have in the past.

2. Last year when I competed in Tough Mudder, I had a goal of making it in the top 5%. I succeeded at that goal, and went on to compete in the World's Toughest Mudder in November. This time around, I am not necessarily trying to gun for my best time at Tough Mudder, I am just going to compete, so this performance training that I have been doing isn't as necessary (in my opinion). Keep in mind that I will still be adding-in some distance running to my training so that I am not completely gassed from the event. (see schedule below)

squat rack.jpg

3. I purchased a new squat rack with an Olympic bar and weight plates. I have always wanted a squat rack so that I could use it to really up the ante when working my legs, back, chest, and shoulders. Ever since I made my purchase and set my rack up, it has been calling my name. I am a firm believer, as I said above, that you should do what you enjoy, and lately, I have been really enjoying heavy resistance training!

So, without further ado, here is my schedule. Keep in mind that I am keeping some distance runs on weekends, and I also have a scheduled "off" day when my wife is out of town May 1st, so the schedule looks different than what is listed with the Body Beast series. Not only that, but I like the idea of having at least a day rest between Build: Legs and Build: Back/Bis appeals to me since I will really be upping the weight on my deadlifts in Build: Back/Bis.

Over the coming days, I will post my workout modifications now that I have my squat rack. Most of the routines will be mostly the same, but there will be modifications due to having my Olympic bar, so stay tuned!

17 - Build: Chest/Tris + Abs
18 - Build: Legs
19 - Build: Shoulders + Abs
20 - Build: Back/Bis
21 - Run
22 - Off/Recovery/Yoga
23 - Build: Chest/Tris + Abs
24 - Build: Legs
25 - Build: Shoulders + Abs
26 - Build: Back/Bis
27 - Run
28 - Build:Chest/Tris + Abs
29 - Build: Legs
30 - Build: Shoulders + Abs

1 - Off
2 - Build: Back/Bis
3 - Build: Chest/Tris + Abs
4 - Build: Legs
5 - Run
6 - Build: Shoulders + Abs
7 - Build: Back/Bis
8 - Off/Recovery/Yoga
9 - Off/Recovery/Yoga
10 - Off/Recovery/Yoga
11 - Tough Mudder

Following Tough Mudder, I will most certainly need a few days off to recover, then I will be jumping into a modified Bulk Phase schedule to take me all the way to the Beachbody Coach Summit 2013! I will post that schedule in the coming weeks.

Quote of the day:
"The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain."
~ Kahlil Gibran