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Beachbody's Body Beast Build: Chest/Tris Modifications


In case you missed it, I have started another round of Body Beast. This time around, I am utilizing my brand-new squat rack, Olympic bar, and weight plates. The extra fitness toys will allow me to alter some of the workouts a bit to not only take advantage of different exercises, but it will also allow me to up the ante, so to speak, with various exercises.

squat rack.jpg

Over the next little while, keep an eye out right here on my blog for modifications to the standard Body Beast workouts. If you already own and have used Body Beast, then you will be familiar with the layout and design of the workouts. If you do not own the program, then you can pick up a copy here, or e-mail me for details.

Build: Chest/Tris

Single Set
Flat Bench Press (Bar) *in place of "Dumbbell Chest Press"

Super Set
Incline Dumbbell Fly
Incline Dumbbell Press

Giant Set
Close Grip Press
Partial Chest Fly
Decline Pushup

Single Set
Tricep Extension

Super Set
Single Arm Kickback
Tricep Pushup

Super Set
Dips on Bench
Crunchy Frog *in place of "In & Outs"

Not a whole lot to change with this routine. I enjoy using the flat bench press to really up the weight during the very first set, but I also enjoy keeping some dumbbell presses in the routine for more shoulder stability.