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Beachbody's Body Beast Build: Shoulders Modifications


In case you missed it, I have started another round of Body Beast. This time around, I am utilizing my brand-new squat rack, Olympic bar, and weight plates. The extra fitness toys will allow me to alter some of the workouts a bit to not only take advantage of different exercises, but it will also allow me to up the ante, so to speak, with various exercises.

Build: Shoulders

Single Set
Shoulder Press

Super Set
Lateral Raise
Upright Row *dumbbells

Giant Set
Underhand Press *dumbbells
1,1,2 Front Raise
Rear Delt Raise

Super Set
Standing Dumbbell Shrug *bar
Dumbbell Scap Trap

Super Set
Sagi Six-Way
Just L's *in place of "Tuck & Roll"

Not too many modifications here. I am using the Olympic bar for only one lift in this routine, and that is for the standing shrugs. That way I can maximize my weight used.

I don't have an E-Z curl bar at this point, but now that I have some weight plates, I may look into getting one in the future, so some of the exercises are performed with dumbbells instead. The upright row could potentially be done with the Olympic bar, but I prefer the great range of motion in the wrists by using the dumbbells.

Finally, instead of "Tuck & Roll" at the end of the routine, I prefer hanging "Just L's". I hang from a pullup bar and bring my straight legs up in front of me, while engaging my core, making my body the shape of an L. 12-20 reps per set should do the trick!