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Tough Mudder Tactics: Smoke Chute

I took part in my third Tough Mudder event (Tough Mudder Toronto) on Saturday May 11th 2013 at Mount Saint Louis Moonstone ski resort. This is an obstacle that I encountered for the first time.

smoke chute.jpg

Smoke Chute is another obstacle I encountered at World's Toughest Mudder, but this is a new obstacle at Tough Mudder Toronto. Basically, you are sliding down an enclosed slide, coming out of the bottom into a muddy pool.

Not a whole lot to do here but to climb up the ladder and slide down the chute. I will, however, give you some advice that I have found worked for me in the past.

As you enter the slide, actually slide down turning your body on a bit of an angle so that you can brace one hand on the 'front' of the chute, and one hand on the 'back' of the chute, or the slide part. I find this helps to protect your head so that you don't smack it on either the front, the back, or the walls as you slide down.

The fella in the pic above actually has both of his hands braced on the front of the chute, which may cause his head to whiplash back into the slide as he hits the scoop at the bottom.