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Beachbody Body Beast Bulk Legs Latest Numbers

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It was just one of those mornings. I had ZERO interest in pressing play this morning. Not sure if it was a crappier sleep, or the fact that I am on holidays in 2 days, but I was just not in the mood. But, like many of you, I kicked my shitty attitude out of the way and got to work!

What followed was pretty much what happens to me every time I have "one of those days", I ended up having an AWESOME workout, felt very strong, and was able to up a few of my weights. One of the main reasons for my interest in a proper squat rack was to work my legs like never before, and I definitely feel as though I have been doing just that. I have a few more rounds of Bulk Legs when I get back from Jamaica, but I just wanted to post my latest numbers for all of you here. All weights are listed as total weight - plates and bar. You'll also notice my modifications I have done to this routine to suit my goals.

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Front to Back Lunge
Reps 12-10-8
Weight 65-85-105lbs

Progressive Set Back Squat
Reps 15-12-8-8-12-15
Weight 95-125-165-165-125-95lbs

Force Set Back Squat
Reps 5-5-5-5-5
Weight 105-105-105-105-105lbs

Progressive Set Split Squat
Reps 15-12-8-8-12-15
Weight 95-115-135-135-115-95lbs


Stiff Leg Deadlift
Reps 15-12-8-8
Weight 95-115-135-115lbs

Alternating Side Squat
Reps 10-10-10
Weight 2x25-2x25-2x25lbs

Single-Leg Calf Raise
Reps 12-12
Weight 60-60lbs

BONUS 2-Leg Calf Raises
Reps 15-12-8-8

Weight 155-175-215-195lbs