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Beachbody's Body Beast Bulk Chest Modifications


Body Beast's "Build Phase" routines are quite well-rounded routines in my opinion, that is why I did not make too many changes to them. The "Bulk Phase" routines, on the other hand need a few more modifications to them. After each blog, I will explain why I made the changes that I did.

Bulk: Chest (changes in Bold)

Single Set
Flat Bench Press

Super Set
Incline Fly
Incline Press

Force Set
Chest Press with Rotation

Progressive Set
Incline Bench Press (Bar)

Combo Set
Close Grip Press to Fly

Multi Set
Decline Push-Up
Cobra to Airplane

I added a set of flat bench press at the very beginning of this routine. The workout actually has a good level of volume in it as-is, but towards my last round of Body Beast, I was feeling as though Bulk Chest could use just a little bit more.

The Progressive Set Incline Press, I have modified to use my bar and weight plates. After coming off a set of Dumbbell Incline Presses, as well as Dumbbell Press with Rotation, I think a set with the bar is called for.

Finally, rather than using Russian Twist at the end of the routine as the lone core move, I have swapped it out for "Roundhouse" which is a move from Tony Horton's 20-12 Abs, part of his 10 Minute Trainer One on One workout. In this exercise, you hang from a pull-up bar and lift your straight legs up and over, traveling from one side to the other, almost as if you are trying to get your legs over a wall in front of you.

Any questions? Let me know!