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Atrial Flutter Follow-Up

Just a quick follow-up to "My Unusual Heart..." blog from a little while ago. If you haven't been keeping up-to-date with my heart condition you can read all about it here

Anyways, I went and saw yet another specialist on Friday June 14th regarding my "atrial flutter". The main purpose of this visit was to discuss the pros/cons/implications of having a procedure known as "ablation" done.

Basically, with atrial flutter, I have some muscle fibers in the left atrium of my heart that, at times, receives some misinformation and decides to add extra beats. This can cause a misfiring, or 'flutter' of my heart, causing a sensation in my chest akin to someone 'flip-flopping' my heart. It is not painful, or uncomfortable by any means, but I definitely notice it, so I have had every heart test known to man done to make sure things keep on ticking according to plan.

Well, as I have been told by many before Friday's appointment, the heart is a funny organ, and does funny things like this from time to time. This atrial flutter is not directly detrimental to my health, and poses no serious threat, but if the condition worsens, or causes me any problems, I will have to have an ablation done anyways. 

When I first left his office on Friday, I had left it that I would follow-up in 6 months or so to see if my condition has worsened (i.e. symptoms more frequent) or not. After spending the weekend to think about it, I have decided to go ahead with the treatment, and am awaiting a booking to have my ablation done.

The ablation procedure is not entirely worrisome to me, in fact it sounds like it is a very safe and effective procedure. I have been told by the doc that the procedure takes just an hour or two, and the only down time I will have is for a few days afterwards I will not be allowed to lift anything too heavy so that I do not re-open the point of entry near my groin.

I am hoping to schedule my procedure to time it with an upcoming "recovery" or "off" week from my World's Toughest Mudder Training so that I can allow my wound to heal prior to jumping back into my crazy training. 

If any of you experience any weird symptoms with your heart, go talk to somebody about it. It is always  better to get things checked out. If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding this, comment below, or e-mail me. I love hearing from all of you!