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How Did I Get My Body Beast Results?

A lot of people ask me "how" or "why" Body Beast? More specifically, how come my results were "better" with Body Beast than any other program I have done?

I will fully admit that my results were "better" with Body Beast than any other program. Here are my thoughts on that:


1. I have never been a guy that has needed to lose a lot of weight. Actually, growing up, I have always been very skinny. Now, think of some of the greatest transformations you have seen with Insanity/Asylum/P90X/etc. and most, if not all of the stories you see are of people who have had a lot of weight to lose. I personally never really used any of my previous programs to get thinner, or "ripped" necessarily, but used the programs to boost confidence, stay active/healthy, and to train for the various events I participate in.

2. Body Beast is definitely a program suited for a guy like me. As I said, I have always been skinny, so I knew that I could get a great transformation (opposite to those who need to lose weight) if I really focused on the program and set my mind to it. Not only that, but...

3. I also REALLY focused on my diet during Beast. I made sure to eat a ton during the first 2 phases in order to build muscle, then "cut" the fat away during Phase 3. Also,

4. Shakeology helped me a LOT. I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but it did! I just started taking Shakeology in November 2012. I started Body Beast towards the mid-way point of December 2012. Shakeology helped me to put on mass (used as a healthy snack throughout the day) but to also cut away the fat when I needed to make every calorie 'count'.

5. Body Beast is definitely a "glamour" routine. As I said before, I focused more on my strength and performance gains in the past over vanity, but with Body Beast, the goal is to grow your muscles and get ripped, so that is what I went for!

6. I really enjoyed the workouts! I am always an advocate for doing the things you enjoy...assuming I don't just mean "enjoying" sitting on your ass watching TV all day! Find something that you enjoy doing, and do it often! If you like running outside, go do that! If you enjoy swimming laps in the local pool, go do that! I enjoy a variety of things, and Body Beast happened to strike a chord with me, so I really looked forward to working hard every day! 

Hopefully that helps shed some light on my Beast results!