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Hamstring Injuries

I came across this article regarding hamstring injuries and just had to share with my readers. I have had my fair share of hamstring injuries in the past, and believe that it is played a part in my lower back problems in the past as well.

The hamstrings are probably one of the most under-appreciated muscle groups on the human body as they tend not to be as glorified as say, their close relative, the quadriceps. 

Hamstrings are placed anatomically in a risky position, they readily receive stresses from above and below. In fact, practically all hamstring injuries result from dysfunction elsewhere in the body. The human hamstrings serve the same purpose as the “Check Engine” light on your car.  The light indicates that there is a problem somewhere, but the reason the car won’t run right is never the light. Hamstring injuries indicate trouble somewhere, but almost never is the hamstring itself the root cause.

Whether you have chronic hamstring tightness, or have had troubles/injuries in the past, this is a good read and should educate you on the potential factors causing your problems.