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Hey Everybody

Long (serious) read ahead (turn back now if you're not interested)...

A couple real quick things to address this week. First, I hurt my back last week, and therefore, have not been training these past few days. I decided that the rest of this week would be a total "write-off". I can then jump back into my training, starting with a run on Saturday, leaving my 8 full weeks to train prior to my 2nd World's Toughest Mudder.

Secondly, I want to address an issue that some of my Challenge Group members may or may not have noticed. I didn't want to make a big deal out of this, but I feel as though I have always been as honest and open with my clients and followers as I possibly can, so here goes (still not mentioning names, however!):

I had a member in my Challenge Group who I recently removed. This is the first time that I have ever done this. I have been helping this individual for months now, with free advice and support, not to mention motivation, and a person to talk with regarding everything health and fitness. That is what being a Beachbody Coach is all about. During those few months, I even sent this individual a number of free Shakeology samples, as they explicitly told me how much they enjoy the product and wish to purchase. I sent samples in an attempt to help them choose which flavour would best suit them.

Time and time again, despite my continuing efforts to help this individual, they continued to lie and/or ignore me, either not responding to me, or if they did respond, would tell me that they were wishing to make a 'purchase' through me tomorrow/next week/soon/etc.

Finally, just the other day, they informed me that they had purchased a discounted Beachbody product from a local flea market. That was the last straw for me, I removed them from my challenge group, as I felt that their time with me as their Coach, and everything that goes along with it, was therefore done.

Now some of you may look at this scenario and believe that I am in the wrong, and you are completely entitled to your opinion. This individual, in fact, decided to get rather brash with me, and accuse me (insinuated) of being in this business simply for the money.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I have been trying to help many individuals through my blogging and YouTube videos for years now, LONG before I ever became a Beachbody Coach. I have always been a fan of Beachbody and many of their products. On one hand, I wish to try and help others in seeing how great of a company it truly is, but on the other hand, I like to be as honest as I can, keeping my integrity and telling you exactly how I feel.

On top of all of that, I have plenty of individuals in my Challenge Group who are not even on my team! They are not clients of mine, they are not Coaches on my team, and I know that I am including them in my group with no hopes of EVER making a single dollar from them. But they do not lie to me, and I enjoy interacting with other like-minded folks. But for an individual to lie to me for months, that is when I get a bit ticked.

I am now a profitable Beachbody Coach, yes. But the monetary return I get, when compared to the amount of time that I have put into everything I do through "Tyler Robbins Fitness" simply does not relate. I do not make the kind of money some of you may think I do. I continue to do what I do because, again, back to my original goal with all of this, is I wish to help others.

Lately, I will fully admit that my motivation to continue to do this is waning. This incident this past week was further proof. When an individual accuses me of being "in it for the money", after I spend countless hours helping them, only to have their purchase go elsewhere, and me lose the measly $25-$30 commission from the 'sale', really is quite telling as to what I deal with on a pretty consistent basis.

If I make it seem as though I hate being a Beachbody Coach, then I apologize for the wrong impression. In fact, quite the contrary. I really enjoy being a BB Coach, and interacting with people who wish to not only learn from me, but to teach me a thing or two as well.

But that's the major sticking point from here on out. I am going to be taking a major step back from the Coaching that I do, or in other words, the amount of time that I put into this. I currently have a website, that is up and running with a HUGE selection of resources available to you relating to health and fitness. Don't believe me? Think of a topic, go to Google and search "Tyler Robbins Fitness (health topic)" and I am sure you will find something that can help you.

I will continue to put forth the time and effort to help my own team in every chance I get. If you are a customer or Coach on my team, and need help, continue to e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can with as much help as I can muster.

I will continue to complete my "P90X University" endeavour, as I have already invested a lot of time into that, and really do think it will help a number of people, but beyond that, my blogging will be scaled back, my videos will definitely be scaled back, and my social media presence will be scaled back.

I have a growing family (my wife is due with our second child in March), I want to spend more time with them and less time with folks online who either don't appreciate what I do to help them, or accuse me of lofty ideas.

If you have read this far, thank you for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need help. I am always here to help, I will just be less public about it.

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Everyone have a great week!


Tyler Robbins
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