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B.Sc. Biochemistry, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT/CF-L3), USA Weightlifting Level 1


Almost 10 years ago, I suffered a back injury that required surgery. I had a herniated disc in my lower back between my L5 and S1 vertebras. The amount of pain and discomfort I went through during the time leading up to my surgery really put things in perspective for me. I remember, in tears, telling my wife (girlfriend at the time), that I was going to use this as fuel to make sure I never get back to that point again.

I think a lot of people really need a moment in their lives to put things into perspective, just how lucky they really are. Now, although I had some pretty extreme pain and loss of mobility due to my injury at the time, I was lucky that I was able to get my problem fixed so that I could move forward. Not everyone has that luxury.

If, however, you are leading a sedentary lifestyle right now, for no other reason besides the fact that you are lazy, do something about it!

Not that I needed any more reminders, but as you are reading this blog post, I am probably either in my heart procedure or recovering after it. You see, I had a condition known as atrial flutter. This is a condition I have been told I could live with, but it has been causing me some discomfort and has held me back from doing some of the exercising and health-related things that I love, so I have elected to get it fixed with a medical procedure known as an non-surgical ablation.

This is a safe and effective procedure, so I am not looking for pity or remorse by any means. What I am trying to share with all of you, however, is really take a step back and evaluate your life. By going through the myriad of heart tests that I have in the past year and a half, and being worried that my condition is worse than it is, I have definitely had quite a few of these moments, similar to what I would think about ten years ago when I had my back injury.

Evaluate where you are. What your body looks and feels like. Do you enjoy being active? Do you enjoy doing the things you love? Do you have a loved one(s) (spouse, children, friends) that you want to be active and healthy with for years to come? Do something about it. Use the, literally endless amount of resources available to you to get active and use your body. You are only given one. My biggest fear is that my body will either get injured or break down some day and I will sit in regret knowing that I did not use it to its fullest capabilities.

Be thankful that you have your health, don't squander that opportunity.