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B.Sc. Biochemistry, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT/CF-L3), USA Weightlifting Level 1

Marty's incredible year of change!

Marty leads a busy work life, along with being a terrific family man (married with 3 young kids), so late last year when he decided to make a change, he knew that he would have to find a few precious minutes every day to get active and start leading a healthier and more active lifestyle. Marty is a shining example of not letting excuses get in the way of getting (and staying) active!

Here's Marty's story:

In October of 2013, I weighed 175 lbs and at 5' 4", it wasn't pretty. It was then that I decided to make a change in my life. The before picture was taken in December 2013, after losing 10 lbs just by getting active and drinking more water, and being more selective with what I ate. But I wanted more. My friend Jeff Tedder, recommended Shaun T's T25 to get started. So in January of 2014 my adventures to a healthy lifestyle began. I enjoyed T25 so much, that I moved on to Insanity right after. Now I'm hooked, so I went ahead and bought P90X3 and just finished up the Classic schedule yesterday. In the after pictures, which were taken 11/9/14, I am down to 137 lbs, a loss of 38 lbs.

This has been a wonderful and fun journey that I've embarked on. I have had support from friends, family, my wife, Angela Barkley Fan, my kids (as seen below), my coach, Tyler Robbins, and the gang from Team Fitness For Life (who are rockstars!).

So for now, I'm working on the Elite Block of P90X3 and looking forward to a much healthier lifestyle.