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B.Sc. Biochemistry, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT/CF-L3), USA Weightlifting Level 1

Beachbody Coach Summit Day 1

Well, I arrived in Las Vegas late Wednesday night. After landing, getting my luggage, heading to the hotel,  checking in, and getting organized, I wasn't in bed until after 1:30am. That means that I was awake for around 24 consecutive hours on Wednesday. I was then up early Thursday morning, so after just 5 hours of sleep, I was off and running. 

I first headed to find my way around this MASSIVE hotel (MGM Grand). I eventually found the convention centre and was able to register. From there, I walked around checking out the sights and everything Beachbody. I stood in line and waited to pick up a copy of Focus T25. I then headed off to find the Marquee Ballroom for the morning meeting with Coach Wayne and the rest of Team Ripped.

It was awesome to see Sagi Kalev at the training session, but what was even more amazing was finally meeting Coach Wayne in person. CW is a great guy, very genuine and down to earth, eager to help others!

I had to leave the Coach training early to head to my Body Beast photo shoot and interview. There, I was fitted for some clothing, had my makeup done, and did some pushups and tricep dips to pump up a bit to prepare for my photos. I went through a wide range of poses both clothed and topless, looking mean and smiling. I had lots of compliments from the staff at how well my photos turned out! 

After the photo shoot I headed to a different room to do my interview. That was a bit of a nerve-racking experience, as I was in front of big, bright lighting, answering questions the best I could while Beachbody staffers watched from behind the camera. I definitely find speaking in front of my camera at home, producing my own Youtube videos to be a much more pleasant experience, hehe.  After my interview, I changed, grabbed some lunch, then headed back to the last bit of Coach training. 

Once the training was done, I headed to "Core", which is essentially the tradeshow setup by Beachbody, where products are for sale. There, I was able to get my tshirt autographed by Tony Horton, I had a few minutes to speak with Steve Edwards, and also saw Shaun T's Q&A. It really was a pretty cool experience to those 3 all in such close proximity. 

Later in the afternoon was Beachbody's first General Session. During this time, we were given a breakdown on Focus T25 from Shaun T himself. This also included news that Focus T25 will also have a "upgrade" package called "Gamma Phase", not to mention the inclusion of T25 in a Challenge Pack starting THIS Monday June 24th. 

After that, and to the HUGE response from the crowd (I honestly didn't realize that this was as big of a request as it is) Vanilla Shakeology was revealed. Not only that, but Vanilla Shakeology will be available for purchase tonight at midnight (June 20th) and will be available in Challenge Packs starting Monday June 24th, starting with Focus T25! 

Friday looks to be just as busy of a day, with training and workshops throughout the day. The big things I will be looking forward to, however, will be the Tony Horton workout at 7:15am, and day 2 of the General Session at 9am. Stay tuned for even more news tomorrow!