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Homemade Dip Station

I have been interested in building my own dip station for quite some time now. I have looked around online and have found countless schematics, but a lot of them are based on using PVC piping or other similar materials. I intend on using my dip station for weighted dips, so I wanted something that would be sturdy enough to hold not only my body weight, but additional weight as well.

I finally found some plans for a wood dip station that included some lead piping for the actual dip bars. I took this idea and modified it a bit to create my station. No, I am not a professional carpenter, so don't let my amazing carpentry skills fool you (obvious sarcasm). But seriously, I don't want to hear how bad this looks, it is here to serve a purpose, not to decorate my workout room.

Let me know if you have any questions!


*Note* - I also ended up using 16 2" screws and 16 washers that I had at my house to secure the pipe flanges to the wood. The 3" screws were just too long and I needed washers in order to prevent the screws from drilling right through the wood.

Lumber: 2"x4"x92"$3.084$12.32
3" Wood Screws$0.1234$4.08
2', 3/4" Pipe$5.422$10.84
Pipe Flange$3.834$15.32

All prices are in Canadian Dollars before sales tax

I by no means have tested this for weight limits or durability so use at your own risk. This thing can support my own body weight, but that is as far as I have tested it. Feel free to add some additional diagonal strapping or supports as you see fit!