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P90X3 Accelerator Coaching, Advice, and Complete Review

Equipment Needed

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When does it appear in the schedules?

P90X3 Classic Schedule: Week 4: Day 3. Week 8: Day 3. Week 13: Day 2
P90X3 Doubles Schedule: Week 4: Day 3. Phase 2, Weeks 5-7: Day 1. Week 8: Day 3. Phase 3, Weeks 9-12: Day 1. Week 13: Day 2
P90X3 Lean Schedule: Phase 1, Weeks 1-3: Day 1. Week 4: Day 3. Week 8: Day 3. Week 13: Day 2
P90X3 Mass Schedule: N/A


Accelerator is a no-equipment cardio routine that plays around with varying speeds. Get ready to shred up your core with a number of planks, along with fast-moving, total-body cardiovascular exercises. This is one very enjoyable routine!


Once again, a common theme with X3, little time is wasted in this routine. You jump right into the routine as soon as the timer starts and essentially don't stop moving until the timer hits 30.

Traci Morrow shows just how much of a fembot she is in this routine. She is the "intensifier" and I dare even the fittest of you to try and keep up with not only her speed, but nearly impeccable form throughout this routine. She is very motivating for girls AND guys.

There is a great selection of exercises here, covering your entire body. There are lots of creative ways of adding in upper body work, core work, and lower body work.

Even for those of you who have done all of Tony's previous work, you will find lots of new exercises here, or at least some very fun and creative twists on his 'usual' stuff. I have done P90X, P90X+, P90X2, his entire One on One catalog, yet I still found most of these exercises to be brand new. That keeps you mentally engaged and excited to keep pressing play.


This is not really a knock against the routine itself, but more about the scheduling, but I am disappointed that I only see this routine in the Classic Schedule 3 times - and only on "recovery" weeks. This really is a fun routine.

Not much of a warmup in this routine. That may be "par for the course" for a lot of the X3 workouts, so you do have that "Cold Start" extended warmup to use if you feel you need it.

Not so much a con as it is a warning. The crew use towels as targets to hop over for some of these exercises. Why is that dangerous? Well, if you use a slippery surfaced floor (like the crew use in this routine), be careful not to step or land on the towel as you can really hurt yourself!


Assuming you are pushing yourself and focusing on getting the most out of every exercise (like you should be doing anyways, right?) this is a tough little routine that will have your heart rate soaring and your muscles (especially your shoulders and core) on fire.

There is quite a lot of plank work in this routine, so for many of you, this may be quite difficult. I wouldn't necessarily say that this one is as tough as Agility X, but it is definitely a close second, intensity-wise.

As I stated previously, Traci Morrow is the intensifier in this routine, so if you are feeling "spry and light-footed," I dare you to try and keep up with her. Yes, she is tiny, giving her an advantage in some of the speed exercises, but a definite goal to work towards.

This routine is not going to drop you to the floor (necessarily) like some of Beachbody's other cardio routines, but considering the fact that it is a "recovery week" routine in the Classic Schedule, this one is tough enough. I found the level of difficulty to be perfect, actually, for my own personal goals and needs.

Difficulty: 4/5

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Workout Design

This routine starts out with a very brief warmup consisting of 2 yoga salutation sequences.

You then progress through 19 exercises, all right around 60 seconds each. Every exercise has 2 speeds or levels of intensity that change on Tony's call. Most exercises intensify by increasing in speed, however, due to the nature of some exercises, you can't really increase speed so you intensify by increasing range of motion instead.

As I said, I have done a number of Tony Horton workouts in the past, yet I was still pleasantly surprised at how many new exercises there are in this routine. It really just goes to show you how many variations of exercises there are, even without a single piece of equipment!

A very fun routine that I will be using numerous times in upcoming hybrids that I concoct.

Workout Design: 5/5

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I think everyone should have a mirror or mirrors in their home gym anyways, but in case you don't go get one. Use the combination of the mirror as well as your TV screen to mimic Traci's actions as best you can. I am not even kidding, her form is nearly perfect on every single exercise. Definitely a worthy cast member for a home workout routine.

On the very last exercise - Donky Kicks, be careful not to shoot your feet too high into the air. This is the last exercise of the workout so you are already fatigued, so make sure you are not placing too much weight on your upper body. Obviously the higher your feet go, the harder the exercise is.


This is a very enjoyable routine with lots of variation in the exercises. It is not the most difficult "cardio" routine you will ever do, but it is a great level of intensity that works your entire body just enough to feel accomplished in the 30 minutes you invest for that day. I will continue to use this routine in the future.

Overall (not an average): 9.5/10

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