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P90X3 X3 Yoga Coaching, Advice, and Complete Review

Equipment Needed

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When does it appear in the schedules?

P90X3 Classic Schedule: Phase 1, Weeks 1-3: Day 3. Week 4: Day 6. Phase 2, Weeks 5-7: Day 3. Week 8: Day 6. Phase 3, Weeks 9, 11, 13: Day 4
P90X3 Doubles Schedule: Phase 1, Weeks 1-3: Day 3. Week 4: Day 6. Phase 2, Weeks 5-7: Day 3. Week 8: Day 6. Phase 3, Weeks 9, 11, 13: Day 4
P90X3 Lean Schedule: Phase 1, Weeks 1-3: Day 3. Week 4: Day 6. Phase 2, Weeks 5-7: Day 3. Week 8: Day 6. Phase 3, Weeks 9, 11, 13: Day 4
P90X3 Mass Schedule: Phase 1, Weeks 1-3: Day 3. Week 4: Day 6. Phase 2, Weeks 5-7: Day 3. Week 8: Day 6. Phase 3, Weeks 9-12: Day 3. Week 13: Day 2


Welcome to X3 Yoga. There is no doubt that the Yoga routine in both P90X and P90X2 have had a very love/hate relationship for a lot of people. I was personally very excited to give X3 Yoga a try, especially knowing that it would only be 30 mins in length!


For me, 30 minutes is right around the perfect length of time for a yoga routine. If I have more time for my workout on that given day, then I know enough stretches (will elaborate later) to stretch more if I wish.

For a lot of people, P90X3 will be an introductory program. P90X is, and has been, a very popular program, but the number of people who finished the program, let alone actually did the yoga routine, is actually quite minimal.

X3 Yoga is a great introduction into yoga for a lot of people since it has a lot of very basic, but fundamental sequences and stretches in it.

One of the biggest complaints from me regarding Yoga X (P90X) was that it was very repetitive. This routine eliminates almost all repetition and is quite creative in its transitions from various salutation sequences and stretches.

For those folks who would consider themselves quite well-versed with yoga and comfortable with body control, I highly recommend you try some of the modifications cast member Ted displays.


If you are a yoga instructor, or really enjoy doing yoga on a consistent basis, this routine may be far too easy and short for you. It really is a much more basic and introductory yoga routine, which is not a bad thing for me or others, but I decided to place this in the "cons" section as I could see some people not enjoying this one enough.

The routine finishes off with a series of stretches. Although the stretches themselves are quite good, and I enjoyed the sequencing, they felt rushed. As I mentioned earlier, I can always add some stretches (time permitting) for myself based on what I think I need, but newcomers to the health/fitness may not have as much knowledge on what to do.

Stephanie is supposed to be the "modifier" in this routine, but on numerous occasions Tony makes note of how she is stretching too far or not modifying at all. It would be nice to have a true modifier in the routine to display safe and effective ways of doing this routine if someone does not have the balance and/or flexibility.


It is always so hard to rate the difficulty of a yoga routine. When doing a difficult cardio or resistance routine, I find it much easier to compare to other like routines. With yoga, however, how do you compare the level of difficulty to something that is completely different, not to mention, this routine may be extremely difficult and challenging for someone who has flexibility or balance issues.

Having said all of that, I can honestly say that when comparing this routine to some of Tony's other yoga routines, this one is definitely on the "easier" side. This is definitely much more of an "introductory" yoga. There are some challenging sequences, and challenging balance postures, but it certainly gets back to a more basic routine.

Not only that, but as I mentioned earlier, if you wish to "kick things up a notch," I recommend you watch cast member Ted for some of his modifications on how to intensify!

Difficulty: 3/5

Workout Design


A nice and easy start to this routine, you slowly ease into a few vinyasa sequences with your basic/standard poses - Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Warrior 1, 2, and 3, Reverse Warrior, etc. After some moving sequences, you then progress into a few balance postures and then a stretch.

I mentioned earlier that the stretches could be slowed down a bit, especially the plow into shoulder stand sequence. For newcomers to yoga, you will definitely want to take your time as those are very dangerous stretches.

There are a few new sequences/stretches here if you have done Tony's other yoga routines in the past, but for the most part, this will be much of the same for most of you. That is not a problem, in my opinion, as there is something nice about familiarity, as you could almost make it through this entire routine based on audio cues only and not have to look at the screen. That familiarity can be great for a yoga routine because you can go into the 'flow' or zone better.

I really enjoy the sequencing here, even if it is on the more basic side. Stretching could be longer.

Workout Design: 4/5


I am not a practicing yoga instructor, so it is hard for me to give advice on anything in particular in this routine. What I can recommend or suggest to you is that if you are doing this workout first thing in the morning and either feel tight and/or sore, then make sure to use the "Cold Start" option (included on all DVDs) to get your body warm. The warmer your body and muscles are, the more pliable and flexible you are, maximizing your benefits from this routine.

When stretching, only stretch your muscles as far as they will go based on your flexibility. Don't ever try and 'match' what you see from the participants in the workout. Some of the poses and stretches are shown with a 'modification', so don't be afraid of using them. Whenever stretching, you should stretch to a point where your muscle is slightly uncomfortable, but it should never be unbearable.

If you are new to yoga, I would definitely recommend watching this routine at least once before doing it to try and familiarize yourself with the sequences and pacing.


Although this is a much more basic yoga routine compared to Tony's yoga routines in the past, I still really enjoy this one. For those of you who may not be the biggest fans of yoga, the 30 minute run time is perfect to keep you accountable and doing this routine on a weekly basis. If you are a yoga veteran, you may find this routine too easy/short.

Overall Score (not an average): 8.5/10