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More Focus T25 Information from Shaun T Himself!


Shaun T had a video chat the other day where he spent the first 20 minutes of the chat answering some viewer questions on his newest program Focus T25. If you would like to watch the video, you can find it here: Shaun T video chat

I have also summarized the information. Keep in mind that I am completely para-phrasing Shaun T's answers. If you would like to know the full detail of his answers, I suggest you watch the video.

Shaun T Focus T25 Q&A

2:30 - Is T25 like Insanity?

Shaun T's favorite program. Very focused, fun, effective, short.

3:45 - Do people lose weight doing this program (T25)? Do you have to do it more than once.

Hard to answer. Workout programs are different. Having said that, people lose weight doing T25. He mentions that regardless of what program you do, you need to focus on your diet to get results. You could be doing Insanity and burn TONS of calories, but if your diet is poor, then you aren't going to get results. You need the "will" not just a "want".

7:45 - What makes T25 different than any other Shaun T programs?

Touches on it being his favorite again. Nobody has an excuse to not do the proram since it is only 25mins. It is modifiable for all ages and demographics. Shaun T mentions that as he ages (now 35 years old) he needs effective workouts that are easier on his joints and body.

11:20 - If I have completed Insanity/Asylum/Asylum 2, etc. will I find this program challenging?

"Challenging" is a relative term. This program is challenging, but in a different way. The name "Focus T25" for a reason. He teaches you how to focus on every single movement to get the most out of every exercise.

15:00 - What made you come up with Focus T25?

Shaun T discusses how busy people are. He recommends his programs to people he speaks to, but the same question he always gets first is, "How long are the workouts?" Carl D also had the idea to have a 25 minute workout program for not only himself, but others with busy lives as well. Discusses the idea that there is a HUGE difference between a 25 minute and 45 minute workout.